IV – Through the Vein

By Ron Hunninghake, M.D.

What is IV nutrition? IV is an abbreviation for “intravenous–through the vein.” Nutrition means “those natural sub- stances (nutrients) which nourish our cells, promote healing, and create energy.”

When would giving nutrients through the vein make good medical sense?

The conventional medical answer would limit IV nutrition to those patients for whom the oral intake of key nutrients is insufficient to meet
their cellular needs.

For example, unconscious trauma victims, patients with extensive facial burns, or certain cancer patients receiving chemotherapy that causes extreme nausea. These are patients whose eating or swallowing abilities are temporarily compromised and who can benefit from IV nutrition.

Limiting IV nutrition to the very sick ignores a large sector of our healthy population who could greatly benefit from IV nutrition to correct nutritional deficiencies at the cellular level.

Over 30 years ago, Dr. John Myers, a medical doctor from Baltimore, wondered if patients with recurrent or chronic illness might also be suffering from hidden malnutrition that could not be overcome by oral nutrients alone.

Many of his patients suffered from migraine headaches, chronic fatigue, allergies, heart disease, acute asthma attacks, fibromyalgia, and recurrent respiratory and sinus infections.

Building upon the success of IV nutrition for severely disabled patients, Dr. Myers began using a special “cocktail” of IV nutrients, that included a blend of vitamin C, B5, B6, B-complex, magnesium, and calcium (today at the Riordan Clinic we call this our IV Essentials). IV Essentials are necessary when treating the many chronic, degenerative illnesses that he and all primary care doctors face each and every day with their patients.

Dr. Myers also knew of the groundbreaking work of Dr. Hans Selye, a Canadian researcher who had discovered that chronic stress of any kind leads to increased utilization and depletion of the stressed individual’s nutrient reserves.

Nutrient depletion due to chronic stress, compounded with nutrient malabsorption due to digestive inflammation, (which is of- ten triggered by emotional stress) is a formula for cellular disaster.

Conditions that showed improvement with this IV nutrition protocol included: asthma attacks, acute migraines, fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, acute muscle spasms, depression, cardiovascular disease, respiratory infections, seasonal allergies, drug withdrawal, chronic hives, hyperthyroidism, and chronic viral infections such as hepatitis C. Cancer patients also benefited from the immune support IV nutrition provided them. Many patients who considered themselves healthy chose to come for infusions because of an enhancement to their overall sense of well-being and health that can last for several weeks or longer.

IV nutrition should be as an important part of a wellness lifestyle, to slow aging, and improve athletic or job performance.

The modified Myers’ cocktail (IV Essentials) has generally been ignored by mainstream researchers. However, exciting science does exist to support its use.

Look at IV magnesium, for example. Studies have shown that many people dealing with chronic fatigue syndrome have signs of magnesium deficiency.

When IV magnesium is given, 80% report improvement in pain, energy, and moods. IV magnesium is also a well documented therapy for people suffering from migraines and asthma. Magnesium is included in the IV Essential administered at the clinic.

With the comprehensive biochemical testing available at the Riordan Clinic our doctors are able to inventory an individual’s specific nutrient deficiencies.

These objective findings help the Clinic doctor target specific nutrient goals using IV nutrition protocols developed by us.

While much more can be said about IV nutrition, I would like to conclude this brief report with a metaphor that may help the reader grasp the significance of this new therapeutic modality.

Here’s the key idea: cells need nutrients like businesses need cash flow. Show me any business with poor cash flow, and I’ll show you a struggling business often destined to fail.

Show me a patient with poor nutrient reserves due to poor diet/malabsorption/excessive utilization due to high stress or chronic toxicity, and I will show you a sick and tired individual struggling to get by each and every day, often destined to come down with a chronic degenerative illness, like heart disease, diabetes, or even cancer. A well run business that successfully services customer needs day after day will generate adequate cash flow and will thrive.

An individual who is committed to their health will make good dietary, exercise, sleep, stress management, and supplemental choices on a daily basis, and they will generate and sustain good health and adequate energy reserves…with enthusiasm to spare!

Now, take a business that is doing poorly: poor cash reserves, lagging customer service, sales and services are down…this business clearly needs something quick to get it on the road to recovery.

How about a loan! How about a quick infusion of cash to satisfy creditors and pay employees? What happens next?

Employees’ morale improves. Customer service improves. Jobs get done quicker. Word spreads that X business is functioning again. New jobs come in.

The pace of work quickens. Inhouse generation of cash flow improves. The “chronically ill” business is on the road to a full recovery.

IV Nutrition is like that well timed business loan. It gets you back up and running. It gives your cells what they need to heal. It restores your energy, your hope, and your sense of well being. It gets you…BACK IN BUSINESS!