What Does “Real Health” Mean to Me?


Each month we have guest authors write a column for our Health Hunters newsletter with the prompt “What Real Health Means to Me”. We’ve been blown away by the content, and the variety of answers, that they have provided. We know that Real Health is very personal and health goals vary. Please enjoy the articles, listed below, and find those that resonate with you. We hope that you find their stories inspiring and will share with your friends and family as well!

If you’d like to write an article of your own, please email us at newseditor@riordanclinic.org.




Health Hunters
Publication Date

Overall Topic/Theme
“What Real Health Means to Me”

Dr. Hugh Riordan September 2019 Serving vs helping
Sabrina August 2019 Mental health, nutrition, and weight management
Evie July 2019 Nutrition and lifestyle
Erin June 2019 Anxiety, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and weight management
Amanda May 2019 Allergy Season
Millie April 2019 Health is…
Mimi March 2019 Real Health
Dr. Anne February 2019 Contentment, lowered stress, and acceptance of self
Dr. Ron January 2019 Being an active participant in your health
Donna November/December 2018 Body, mind, and spirit working in harmony
Annette October 2018 Aging with continued health
Mary Jo September 2018 Self-responsibility, and active choices to maintain health
Kirk August 2018 Impact, intimacy, and integrity
Connie July 2018 The pillars of body, mind, and spirit
Paul June 2018 Living life with energy and enthusiasm
JB May 2018 Living life freely and without fear or anxiety
Dr. Anne April 2018 Choosing to thrive!