Meet Our Founders

Our History

Founded in 1975 from the shared vision of Dr. Hugh Riordan and benefactor Olive W. Garvey.

The Riordan Clinic was founded in 1975 from the shared vision of Dr. Hugh Riordan and Olive W. Garvey. The existing facility opened in July of 1984. The 8 domes and single 39-foot pyramid have since been a curiosity to travelers along Wichita’s Highway K-96.

The eight geodesic dome structures were cost effective and would serve to promote a “campus” feel for the Clinic. The spherical shape was found to be both structurally strong and the open interiors allowed air to circulate inside without obstruction. The domes at Riordan Clinic were considered “green” long before being “green” was trendy.

The pyramid was originally conceived to be used for research. There were many popular theories in the 70s surrounding pyramid power and energy fields. Those theories suggested the pyramid design was conducive to integrating and amplifying energy fields. For a Center dedicated to spreading an epidemic of health to all people, the pyramid was a fitting addition to the campus at the time the facility was built. Today, the pyramid is used for special events hosted by Riordan Clinic.