Laboratory Services

Strengthening systems with natural treatments and nutrients.

To achieve optimal health and wellness, it’s important to prevent chronic diseases. Medical literature is filled with reports showing that many conditions can be prevented by having adequate levels of certain nutrients in the body.

Founder Dr. Hugh Riordan believed that everyone has a unique biochemical individuality and that testing and correcting for nutrient deficiencies could provide critical information to the physician and help the patient, or co-learner, understand their own body. That’s how the Riordan Clinic got started.

With continuous CLIA certification since 1976, the lab offers the most advanced clinical laboratory services for the assessment of nutritional deficiencies as well as testing for pyrolles, histamine, cytotoxic food sensitivities, parasites, and analysis of red blood cell fatty acids. The Bio-Center Lab at Riordan Clinic uses the most advanced technology and provides the highest quality service.


Benefits of Clinical Laboratory Services

  • Open laboratory, patients may work through their own doctor, use a Riordan Clinic doctor for guidance, or many tests may be self-ordered.
  • Full-service lab, with testing for vitamins, minerals, pyrroles, histamine, cytotoxic food sensitivities, parasitology, hormones, and the analysis of red blood cell fatty acids.

Meet Your Team

Charles Hinshaw, MD

Laboratory Director

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Jerry Tiemeyer, MT (ASCP)

ASCP • Laboratory Technologist

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Karen Moore, MLT (CSMLS)

Laboratory Manager

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Amanda Lee, NCMA, AAS

Medical Assistant/Phlebotomist

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Bio Center Lab at Riordan Clinic

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