Discovery Program

Are you looking to address your health and make proactive decisions before illness arises? Or are you looking to find natural, less invasive solutions for health concerns that have developed?

Our NEW Discovery Program addresses the needs of new patients who want to take a more natural approach to their wellness and focus on REAL HEALTH. This program is appropriate even if you have received a medical diagnosis. Of course, preventative care is just as crucial, and we welcome new co-learners (aka, patients) who are working towards prolonging health and preventing sickness.

Who would benefit from this program?

If you want direction on implementing a more holistic lifestyle, maintaining wellness, preventing disease, or addressing a current illness or diagnosis then you will benefit from the Discovery Program. Here are a few examples:

Anxiety and Depression Mental Health & Wellness Inflammation
Thyroid or Hormone Disorders Asthma Insomnia or Sleeping Issues
Environmental and Seasonal Allergies Autoimmune Disorders Infertility & Pre-Conception
Pre-Diabetic or Diabetic Heart Health Strengthened Immune System
Breast or Prostate Health Vision and Eye Health Psoriasis and Skin Issues
Methylation Establishing a Baseline of Wellness Optimal Aging
Weight Loss Metabolic Syndrome And more…
*Complicated or chronic cases may need to utilize the Essential or Advanced Program for best results.



What to Expect

During your initial visit, your doctor will talk with you to learn what your long-term health goals are. Together, we will review your health history and any diagnosis information that you have received and look at your health from a whole-person mindset.

You will discuss how lifestyle changes, proper nutrition, and daily supplementation will help you reach your long-term goals. IV and clinic services may also be suggested as part of your ongoing wellness plan. In addition, the Riordan Clinic offers a wide variety of educational resources that are at your full disposal. This yields a highly customized holistic treatment plan that will lead you to better and sustained health.

As a patient at the Riordan Clinic, you will be fully involved in the discovery process of maintaining wellness. Throughout our website and while in our office, you will hear our staff refer to patients as “co-learners.” We want you to receive a treatment plan, learn about your own body and health, and make proactive, educated decisions along the way.

Check-In Process

Co-learners start by checking in at reception (in Wichita, this is Dome 1. In Overland Park, this is in the front office when you first walk in). At this time, you will turn in the completed New Patient Intake Forms and relevant medical records from the last six months. A member of our team will be there to greet you and help you get started in your day.

Initial Visit with Physical Assessment

Together with the doctor, you will spend sixty minutes reviewing your health history and discussing any concerns regarding your health or personal goals. Based on your physical examination, health history, and symptoms, your doctor will order appropriate lab testing and will establish your individualized treatment plan.

Lab & IV Consultation

After meeting with the doctor/provider, co-learners (what we refer to patients as) will talk with a member of our clinic team who will review the laboratory orders, the IV nutrition plan if applicable, and any other services or supplements suggested by the doctor. Our staff can answer any questions you might have throughout the process and even after you return home.

IV Vitamin C

Intravenous vitamin C is a foundational therapy here at the Riordan Clinic. We believe that it plays a pivotal role in most people’s wellness plans and can benefit our new patients from the very beginning of their journey toward REAL HEALTH. For this reason, we have included a 7.5-gram vitamin C “push,” called IVC Now, with each new Discovery Program.

Riordan Clinic has safely administered over 250,000 vitamin C infusions during its tenure as the renowned “Vitamin C Capital of the World.”  Our IVC publications (now over 30) are recognized around the globe.

There is a great deal of medical research to support the use of IV Vitamin C therapy. It is one of the best antiviral agents available, with the ability to neutralize and eliminate a wide range of toxins. Vitamin C will enhance host resistance, greatly augmenting the immune system’s ability to neutralize bacterial and fungal infections. The Riordan Clinic Research Team has decades of studies and internationally published articles, and has sent speakers worldwide to share this research with doctors.

Laboratory Profiles and Testing

Laboratory testing is essential to the process and is necessary to detect nutrient deficiencies and screen for other major health issues. Our doctors use the results of this lab testing as a vital tool in discovering the root cause of your health concerns.  Because laboratory testing requires fasting, we may have you meet with one of our experienced phlebotomists as your first step in the day’s schedule.  Tests are performed through the convenience of our onsite Bio-Center Laboratory.

Our providers can access over a hundred different lab tests through our laboratory and partner laboratories. As a team, they have compiled several profiles that meet the most common needs of our new patients going through the Discovery Program. When bundled together, we can discount the cost of the labs for you.

Although it is up to the provider to review your health history, listen to your concerns, and recommend which lab tests are the most appropriate for your situation, you can get an overview of the tests and profiles by clicking the link below. Lab recommendations, and pricing, will be explained to you at your first appointment.

Lab Tests and Profiles

Return Appointment with Lab Review

Before you leave on your first day, we will ensure that you are scheduled for your first return appointment, which will be used to review your treatment plan, check progress, and discuss lab results. This appointment is included in the cost of the Discovery Program.



How does the Discovery Program differ from the other programs?

We have divided potential patients into Essential and Advanced Programs for more than a year. While speaking with co-learners, we saw a need to create a new entry point that was focused on sustaining wellness and targeting your specific needs through the lab profile. The Discovery Program is for people who want to address their health and make proactive decisions before illness arises or to help find natural, less invasive solutions for developed health concerns.

  • The Essential Program offers more lab testing and is designed for someone who has been diagnosed with a long-term or complex issue or disease.
  • The Advanced Program offers everything that the Essential Program does, as well as more IVs and an additional appointment with the doctor (that we call the Exit Interview). This program is reserved primarily for those who have an active cancer diagnosis.



Program Cost

The Discovery Program costs range from approximately $1,300 to $3,200. This includes your initial doctor’s appointment, your first return appointment, where you will review your lab results, a 7.5-gram IVC Now, and the lab profile. During your initial appointment, the cost of labs will be thoroughly explained, and you will have an opportunity to ask questions and make decisions.

Because each patient is treated individually, this cost range is a general approximation and can vary both higher or lower.  All costs will be explained to you thoroughly, and you can make decisions as you move forward. Our staff is always available to answer questions and provide support in all aspects of your care.

After meeting with your doctor and discussing your individual health needs, additional labs, clinic therapies or services, and supplements may be recommended at an additional cost to the program. Information regarding insurance coverage and payment options can be found on our Payment FAQs page.


Get Started

Take the first step to better health: schedule your appointment today! Give us a call, or use the form below, and we’ll walk you through scheduling your first appointment and answer any questions that you might have. Our New Patient Coordinator can walk you through the decision of which program will best prepare you for success and let you know if you qualify for the Discovery Program.

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Have More Questions Before Deciding? Doctor Call Times are Available

These weekly appointed times give potential patients the opportunity to speak with one of the Riordan Clinic providers to answer basic questions about the clinic, their backgrounds, and areas of expertise.  Find out more about Doctor Call Times.




Over the next several months, it will be important to implement the nutrition and lifestyle changes, supplement recommendations, follow-up appointments, and clinic services that your treatment plan outlines. By taking an active role in your recovery, you will better understand the systemic causes of your illness, thus enacting a positive impact on your health.

Throughout your time at the Riordan Clinic, your doctor will likely suggest supplements for you to take and may adjust that list during your appointments and as they continue to review new lab results. We offer several sales and opportunities to purchase products at a discount throughout the year, so make sure to follow us on Facebook and open emails that you receive from the Riordan Clinic.

Food as Medicine Course

All new patients will receive a flash drive with a recording of the Food as Medicine course and a digital copy of the textbook. The in-depth course will connect the dots and address some fundamental questions about how our diet impacts our health and well-being and how it contributes to the progression of chronic disease. If you would like to attend this class in person, it is offered monthly at our Wichita campus.  Learn more about this course.