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As a non-profit organization, the Riordan Clinic continually strives to offer educational opportunities to the public and our own patients (or “co-learners”), teaching people how to avoid and/or heal chronic disease. In this section we offer links to our Riordan Video Gallery on the site and also to our Youtube page where we upload all of our videos. Please enjoy!


What is HCG?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone naturally produced by the body. It increases your body’s ability to metabolize fat for energy, among many other needs.

How does HCG work?

First identified as a hormone released by the body of pregnant women, HCG metabolizes fat for energy for both the mother and the maturing fetus. Dr. Simeon discovered that in prescribed doses HCG offers the same rapid fat-burning benefits to both men and women trying to lose weight.
The presence of HCG does NOT “trick” your body into thinking it is pregnant. Dr. Simeons believed that HCG acted in a manner that reset the brain’s “set point” (located in the hypothalamus.) Each day, while using HCG with a 500 calorie diet, this “reset-action” mobilizes several thousand calories of fat from the body’s visceral fat reserves, which are normally resistant to calorie burning.
This program does not produce metabolic slowing, because the daily quota of calories needed are being met from visceral fat reserves. Protein, healthy carbs, and vitamins are provided by the 500 calorie diet plus a specially designed vitamin program used in conjunction with the HCG nasal spray. There is no malnutrition. Program participants look and feel healthy while on the program.

HCG: Why is this diet important?

The Riordan Clinic Weight Loss Intervention is not just about weight loss. Because it accesses visceral fat and resets your hypothalamus, it creates sustainable weight loss. We think of it as a lifestyle renewal program. Considering the risk of obesity related diseases, taking action to improve your health is vital to your future wellbeing.

HCG: What is visceral fat?

Visceral fat is different from other body fat. Visceral fat, also called intra-abdominal fat, refers to the fat that surrounds the internal organs. Studies have shown that those with visceral fat are more susceptible to heart disease, stroke, diabetes and hypertension. Sedentary people, smokers and drinkers have been shown to have more intra-abdominal fat, or visceral fat, than active people who are non-smokers and non-drinkers. Stress may also be a factor in the storage of visceral fat on the body.

HCG: Why is visceral fat so hard to get rid of?

Visceral fat is the fat that develops deep inside your body and surrounds your internal organs; it can feel like it’s a “one way” deposit. It is centered in your abdominal area and is harder to lose than the regular fat, which lies just beneath your skin. You need to lose visceral fat because it is closely linked to diseases such as: diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, and high cholesterol.

HCG: How does this diet access visceral fat?

The key to accessing visceral fat is HCG. HCG changes the metabolic process so visceral fat is accessed and burned; that is what sets it apart from other weight loss programs.

Is this a Starvation Diet?

If you weren’t accessing and burning your visceral fat stores, because of the use of HCG, it would not be a healthy program. Because you are accessing your visceral fat stores your body has all the calories and energy it needs.

Can’t I just take HCG to lose weight?

By itself HCG will not cause weight loss. When you combine HCG with a very-low-calorie-diet, the HCG triggers the access to and release of visceral fat. This sets the HCG Weight Loss Intervention apart from other diet programs that only emphasis calorie restriction.

What is the History of the HCG Diet?

From the 1950s -1970s, Dr. Albert T. Simeons, a British-born physician, developed a weight loss program that used HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin), a natural hormone that is produced when a woman becomes pregnant. Dr. Simeons reasoned that because HCG utilized the pregnant woman’s own fat reserves to sustain fetal nutrition during periods of maternal food deprivation, it would be possible for a small amount of HCG to be administered daily to non-pregnant women (and also men) to assist in better utilizing unnecessary visceral fat reserves, thereby facilitating rapid weight loss while on a very low calorie diet (VLCD.)

Under Dr. Simeons’ medical supervision, his patients received a subcutaneous injection (into the belly fat area) of HCG daily for a period of 30-40 days. Women on average lost 25-40 pounds and men lost 35-47 lbs, though results varied with each individual. (NOTE: The Riordan Clinic HCG program will use nasal spray, which has been shown to produce identical results without the pain of injection. Sublingual drops or subcutaneous injections are available if medically necessary.)

Dr. Simeons created a research manual, “Pounds and Inches” that focused on the use of HCG as a weight loss solution. He found that HCG alone did not cause weight loss. However, if used in combination with a specific low calorie diet, combined with mild exercise, significant weight loss could occur.
Length: 1:23

A Physician Supervised Solution for Weight Loss

Looking for a proven weight loss method?
– Lose weight
– Reset your metabolism
– Reduce your risk of developing metabolic syndrome, which includes:
— high cholesterol
— high blood pressure
— high blood sugar
— obesity
One year since introducing our HCG Rx+ program, participants have lost over 2,800 pounds! Our nurse educator and doctors closely monitor each person to help them achieve optimal weight loss using prescription HCG. If you are serious about addressing your weight issues and changing dysfunctional lifelong eating habits to avoid potential weight-related chronic illness in the future—this lecture is for you.
Length: 51:55

The Truth about Prescription vs. Homeopathic HCG

You’ve heard the hype about HCG weight loss, now come and learn the facts from the doctors at the Riordan Clinic. HCG weight-loss programs continue to increase in popularity, but not all programs are created equal. There are critical differences between the HCG you can buy over-the-counter at the health food store and the doctor prescribed HCG we use with the Riordan Clinic program.
The Riordan Clinic HCG Weight Loss Intervention is physician supervised; your health and well-being are our top priority. You’ll be monitored by a registered nurse, receive a blood test to accurately identify any health issues, and most importantly, you’ll receive prescription HCG. Educate yourself on the shortcomings of the do-it-yourself HCG programs you find on the internet.
If you are serious about addressing your weight issues to avoid potential weight-related chronic illness in the future – this video is for you.
Length: 1:02:00

HCG Weight Loss Intervention

During our 40 years of practicing nutrition-based medicine we have long seen the negative impact of obesity-related chronic diseases in our patients. After careful research and consideration, we have discovered a solution that can help individuals lose stubborn fat and improve their overall health and well-being – the Riordan Clinic HCG Weight Loss Intervention. Ready to get started? Click here: Get Started
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