Comments From Our Co-Learners


“By being vulnerable and sharing your own story you may very well help someone else on their own journey.” -Krystal Gordon


“I’m here to treat the whole entire Jenny.”

Jenny Bradley

“It’s as that first doctor here said, I’m not here to treat cancer. I’m here to treat the whole entire Jenny. And that’s the thing that’s probably stuck with me the most of why do I keep coming back and why do I keep doing IVCs and other treatments? It’s because it’s supporting my whole entire body.”

– Jenny Bradley

“I am truly a believer”

Terry C.

“My father had prostate cancer that progressed into his bones. We went to see Dr. Ron From the moment of the first visit it was amazing. The staff was so kind that even my dad who didn’t like doctors loved it!! After his sessions we had another test done and his Psa dropped down to less than 1% and his bones were able to start healing. Wow. I am truly a believer. Thank you so much for your work but also for your kindness when treating the patient. You treat people with dignity and respect and kindness. Thank you.”

“Clear, evidence-based recommendations”

B.T. E

“Dr. Lucas relates to patients well. His explanations are clear, his recommendations are evidence-based. The staff is personable and caring.”

“Honest, Uplifting, and Empowering”

“I felt very at home, and am very satisfied with everyone’s treatment of me and my family. It was excellent and Dr. Lucas was honest as well as uplifting and empowering.”

“We whole-heartedly trust the Riordan doctors, nurses and other staff”

Betty C.

“My family and I have been patients at Riordan clinic ever since they opened their location in Kansas City. Riordan has helped us navigate multiple auto-immune issues and other illnesses while also providing an incredible amount of preventative care and overall health education. From nutritional deficiencies to food allergies and important detoxification practices, Riordan has armed us with the knowledge and tools my family and I need to live informed and healthy lives. We whole-heartedly trust the Riordan doctors, nurses and other staff, who are always so kind and knowledgeable when we come in for IVs, supplements, and appointments. Riordan’s integrative vision of medicine is comprehensive, and it has contributed greatly to our quality of life.”

“Thank God for IVC”

Reg W.

“I had stage 4 Liver cancer and was told that I would be dead by Christmas 2012 and I had chemo and was told it had never cured anyone. I asked about IVC and was told it was a waste of time so I decided to get it anyway and kept this to my self, I have been clear for eight years and take Lypho-Spheric C daily and after all was OK I did some research and realized that what I had done was Immunotherpay … other friends have tried this and they are clear so thank God for IVC.”

“Encouraged, welcomed, empowered”

Julia B.

“I always feel encouraged, welcomed, empowered and generally just blessed to be anywhere on their beautiful properties (Wichita and Overland Park). So many medical places I am merely a “number” and my feelings and opinions count for nothing. We truly are encouraged to be co-learners here, and there is that basic respect and dignity for each other as co-humans on this planet – that feeling can’t be bought anywhere. I’ve enjoyed getting acquainted with various co-learners also here getting treatments and that is another interesting source of validation as well.”

“Nothing helped until [this].”

Amanda. R

“Before coming here, I had tried several Rx meds for migraines, including botox. Just after starting treatments as well as chiropractic care, nothing helped until the vitamin c, magnesium & B vitamin IV drips & B12 shots. Everyone on staff at the clinic is exceptional! Well knowledged, helpful, and polite. I’ve never felt like a stranger and have received the best care here, better than any other medical facility or doctor’s office!”

“I am back on track with energy”

Pam S.

“At age 67, I found myself going downhill energy wise. Go to bed tired, get up tired. My doctor wanted me on a statin for high cholesterol and kept saying I was sick because of my sleep apnea. Started treatment at Riordan Clinic when tests showed my levels needed attention. No Vitamin C in my body, and low magnesium. Now 3 months into tests of IV Vitamin C and supplements, I am back on track with energy.”

“My well-being is improving.”

Ernest S.

“After some family members were having strokes, I pursued going the process of finding out where my health was. With in-depth blood studies I had significant issues I wasn’t aware of. Knowing that my well-being is improving is a wonderful peace of mind.”

“My experience with [IVC] has been nothing less than amazing!”


“My experience with the mini-Myers (IV Vitamin C with other nutrients) has been nothing less than amazing! The total IV time is 25-30 minutes and is easy to have done. My energy is much improved and the terrible sores on my arms are healing very quickly. Also, my skin tone is much improved. Thank you so much!”

“Life is so worth living again”

Pam S.

“I would recommend this clinic to everyone. I have been there for a weekly visit for eight weeks & life is so worth living again. To have energy is wonderful.”

“I am in awe.”

“I can’t believe that I am really able to write this letter to you to share that the muscle spasms that I have had since the late 1990s are dramatically changing. Just in the past 10 days or so, I have noticed that those unpleasant spasms have decreased to the point that I have maybe one or two a day and even that is questionable. I have had six of the vitamin c/mag IV’s and continue with 4 of the [oral] capsules a day and I am in awe of the fact that these “things” have abated to the point that I don’t even think about them anymore. Even driving/sitting in a car, which was a sure-fire way to get one, is no longer an issue. This is the most wonderful thing to have happening I am really at a loss for words at how appreciative I am for your advice and encouragement to start this therapy at the Clinic and to stay the course. Wow, this is great!!”

“Finding the Core Issues”

Warren S.

“After 3 years of suffering without a treatment plan from any of her doctor’s my wife Ana saw Dr. Ron and he was able to find her core issues and put together a simple supplement program to treat those issues. Ana is already feeling so much better and most of her symptoms have dissipated, if not completely disappeared, on the path to a complete recovery. It is amazing what can be accomplished when you seek out and find the right experts to work a problem. Thank you!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!!”

“It. Can. Get. Better. “

Debbie H.

“It’s been a long road, just finished day 6 of treatments. (May 2018)

I went swimming at 7:30 in the morning (those who know me know that alone is a miracle), walked with the IV around the clinic, then walked over 2.5 miles with my mom at the gardens. With hardly any pain.

The general burning and stabbing in my spine is gone.
The brain fog is gone.
Feeling like there are mercury and toxins in my veins is gone.
The feeling of doom is gone.

I still have muscle weakness/spasms/pain off and on, I still have chronic fatigue, I still need to lie down and rest.
I still disassociate & have panic attacks/anxiety, as well as mania.
My stomach is still sensitive and I still get nauseous, but I’ve been able to eat 3 full meals a day with minimal nausea.
My joints are still glow sticks.

This has been the most progress I’ve ever had.
I’ve been in hell since I was 13, and hell has levels.
My rock bottom kept getting lower.
Just now starting to climb out of rock bottom feels weird, & I need to re-learn my limitations and adjust to this new life, but it’s a new life nonetheless.

Cannabis has kept me alive since I was 20, but now I feel the homeostasis I had from that, without it. I haven’t been able to smoke while here due to Kansas laws, only microdosing with edibles & feco from friends, and while I’m not giving it up since it’s one of the only symptom relievers I have, I know I can cut it back.

Anyone who has incredulous amounts of pain who haven’t been able to find relief, I recommend Riordan Clinic.

They also treat mental illnesses ranging from depression to schizophrenia, with success for those patients who aren’t terminal & stick to their health plan after.

I will be getting intravenous vitamin c treatments at home in Columbia for maintenance.

Everyone’s bodies and health statuses are different, and this clinic knows exactly how to approach it per case.

I cannot promise insurance will pay/reimburse. I couldn’t do this without my parents. I could never afford it, or have the drive on my own to keep going while facing satan himself day after day after day, year after year after year after year.

I couldn’t be here without the amazing friends I have in my corner & by my side, cheering me on & encouraging me when I lost all hope, repetitively.

This journey has been so long and painful. The first 5 days of treatment tested my will to go on & my own strength.

It. Can. Get. Better.
It is finally getting better.

11 years of damage takes a long time to untangle, so I expect my body to heal at its own pace.

Thank you.”

“The most effective way to generate health.”

Kase M.

“From treating root causes, and not just symptoms, to using food as medicine, to treating the whole patient, I believe the Riordan Clinic approach to be the most effective way to generate health.”

“They don’t treat cancer – they treat the patient!”

Agnes C.

“I am so grateful to be one of the patients Riordan Clinic treats who has cancer. They do look after the patients, they don’t treat cancer, they do treat the patients!”

“Three cancers later, I’m here to tell the tale!”

Sharon V.

“I found the Riordan Clinic in Wichita, KS when I googled ‘where to go when no one can figure out what’s wrong with you.’ I took my income tax return that year and went for treatment. Best money I ever spent! 3 cancers later, I’m here to tell the tale! Riordan Clinic is recognized worldwide for practicing 21st-century medicine. They now have a 3rd site in Kansas City.”

“I can smile, whistle, sing, swallow, and chew raw crunchy vegetables again.”

Ben M.

“I would first like to thank you all at the Riordan Clinic for doing the research to help us to heal. I found your clinic through the clinical trial on Epstein-Barr (EBV) and high dose vitamin C, A year and a half ago I was diagnosed with late-onset generalized myasthenia gravis (MG) stage 4b. I wanted to know the underlying trigger. The doctors said it was unknown, perhaps a virus. I began reading everything I could on Pub Med about MG, autoimmune pathogenesis, and treatments. I found a clinical trial by Michael Pender, MD out of Queensland about Epstein-Barr, CD+8, Vitamin D. He stated that MS, as well as Lupus and RA, are triggered by EBV. He also listed a number of other autoimmune diseases that could also be triggered including MG.”

“The improvement to my health is noticeable and measurable.”

Linda H.

“Well worth the cost. The improvement to my health is noticeable and measurable. I was surprised by the nutritional testing. I was taking the right supplements for my chronic condition, but not enough to register improvement. I also had the food sensitivity testing. It was eye opening. Once I started avoiding or limiting my trigger foods I again, saw improvements. Food is medicine.”

“I just keep improving in my health overall.”

Emily S.

“I came to Riordan Clinic on June 20, 2016 with my list of what I would like to improve in my health. At 1 st I went to Galichia Group to find out why my heart would jump from 48 bpm to 130 bpm in 4 seconds, and my BP was perfect. Galichia provided a 24 hour heart health monitor and echo cardiogram and came to the conclusion that nothing is wrong.”