Apply for the Pulse-Press-Rest Research Study

Thank you for your interest in the Pulse-Press-Rest Research Study.

Please fill out the information below and a member of our team will review your application and reach back out for additional information or with any questions. Please anticipate up to two weeks for the review and decision process.

Please note that the following conditions will be required to be a part of the research study. Thank you for understanding that no exceptions will be made to these restrictions.

  • All participants must be 18 years of age or older.
  • All participants must have a current and active cancer diagnosis that has been diagnosed through a biopsy. A copy of the biopsy report must be brought with you to your first visit if you are approved into the study.
  • Research study participants will be required to be at the Riordan Clinic from 8 am – 5 pm, Monday through Friday, over the course of two consecutive weeks. For those of you who are not local to one of our offices, this will require that you visit and stay within a short driving distance to either our Wichita or Overland Park (Kansas City Metro Area) office for the full two weeks. The cost of travel and lodging is not included in the program cost and is your responsibility.
  • After the initial two weeks at the Clinic, research study participants will need to continue their IV treatments twice each week. For those not able to come back into one of our clinics, we can help you arrange kits to be sent to your home. This would require that you obtain and hire a home infusion nurse or qualified medical professional to administer the infusions. The cost of the IV Kit and any expense for the home infusion nurse are your responsibility.
  • Over the course of the next three months, you will be required to complete a small lab panel on a monthly basis to monitor your disease progression markers as part of the research study. Although this will not be at an expense to you, it will require that you go into a LabCorp facility to have your blood drawn. The results will then be sent back to the Riordan Clinic.
  • A small portion of the cost of the research study has been covered by donors. The majority of the cost of the program, as outlined on the Riordan Clinic website, is your responsibility as the patient. Unfortunately, we have found that most insurance companies will not cover these services. The cost of services, appointments, therapies, and supplements are provided on a cash-basis and due at the time of service.

Research Application

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  • To locate a LabCorp site near you, please visit