Advanced Program for Complex Chronic Illness

We seek to identify the underlying causes of illness and correct them using nutrient balancing and other therapies.

With over forty-five years of experience, the Riordan Clinic has successfully treated a wide variety of sustained illnesses. This program is reserved primarily for those who are dealing with a complex chronic illness. Please note that the Advanced Program is not for those with an active cancer diagnosis. To learn more about the Oncology Program at the Riordan Clinic, please click HERE.

Many patients use the Riordan Clinic exclusively to address their health issues, others choose to integrate our therapies with those of their traditional doctor. Whether you are at the beginning of your path to wellness or you have been challenged for many years, we can help.

Who would benefit from this program?

The Advanced Program is designed for patients who are dealing with chronic illnesses. Although many of these conditions could fall under either the Essential or Advanced Programs, the three-day start that the Advanced Program provides gives your provider the opportunity to dig deep into your complex illness, provide more opportunities for treatments and therapies quickly, and gets you started on the path to REAL HEALTH all that much sooner. If you are unclear on which program makes the most sense for you, that’s ok. We’re here to help! Give us a call. 800-447-7276.


Lyme Disease Chronic Infections “Long Covid”
Heart Disease Fibromyalgia Hashimoto’s Disease
Heavy Metal Toxicity Crohn’s Disease And more…



What to Expect

During your initial visit, your doctor will develop a treatment plan based on your individual needs. This will include a variety of lifestyle and nutrition instructions, developing an outline for a daily supplement protocol, creating a treatment plan for IV and clinic services, establishing a schedule for follow-up appointments, and sharing a variety of educational resources. This yields a highly customized holistic treatment plan that will put you on the path to better health. As a patient at the Riordan Clinic, you will be fully involved in the discovery process of getting well. Please plan on being on campus for up to three days for your initial visit and treatments.

Check-In Process

Co-learners start by checking in at reception (in Wichita, this is Dome 1). At this time, you will turn in the completed New Patient Intake Forms and relevant medical records from the last six months. A clinic team member will then greet you and take you to your blood draw and first appointment.

Laboratory Profile and Testing

Laboratory testing is essential to the process and is necessary to detect nutrient deficiencies and screen for other major health issues. All new patients going through the Advanced Program will participate in the Real Health Discovery lab profile (see what’s included). Our doctors use the results of this lab testing as a vital tool in discovering the root cause of your health concerns.  Because laboratory testing requires fasting, we will have you meet with one of our experienced phlebotomists as your first step in the day’s schedule.  Tests are performed through the convenience of our onsite Bio-Center Laboratory. For some, more testing may be recommended that is specific to your specific medical needs. These recommendations will be fully explained to you by your doctor during your appointment(s).

“The causes of these chronic diseases are buried deep, and without digging in with the lab testing
you may just be covering up symptoms and missing the opportunity to correct the root causes.”
– Dr. Ron Hunninghake, Chief Medical Officer


Initial Visit with Physical Assessment

On the first day, you will spend up to ninety minutes, sometimes more, reviewing your health history and discussing any symptoms or concerns regarding your health or personal goals. The doctor will also perform a routine physical examination. Based on your physical examination, health history, and symptoms, your doctor may order additional lab tests and will establish your individualized treatment plan.

Lab & IV Consultation

After meeting with the doctor or provider, co-learners (patients) will talk with a member of our clinic team who will review the laboratory orders, IV nutrition plan, and other services suggested by the doctor. Our staff can answer any questions you might have throughout the process and even after you return home.

IV Nutrition

Everyone, no matter their health status, can benefit from IV Nutrition. Your body’s cells depend upon nutrients to fuel their energy-producing biochemistry. IV Nutrition is the fastest way available to replenish chronically depleted nutrient reserves. For co-learners going through the Advanced Program, up to three infusions of high-dose IV Vitamin C will be given over the course of three+ days and will likely include a variety of nutrients customized to your nutritional needs.

Exit Interview

On the final day of the initial patient visit, co-learners will meet with their doctor again to review their experience, clarify learning points, and develop a course of action to be followed until you return for your first follow-up visit. This appointment is typically about an hour.

Return Appointment with Lab Review

Lab results take approximately ten business days to return. Before you leave on your final day, we will ensure that you are scheduled for your first return appointment, which will be used to review your treatment plan, check progress, and discuss lab results. This appointment is included in the cost of the Advanced Program.



Program Cost

The Advanced Program costs range from approximately $4,400 to $6,000, depending on your specific medical needs. This includes your initial doctor’s appointment, IV Nutrition infusions, exit interview, your first follow-up appointment, where you will review your lab results, and laboratory testing.

Because each patient is treated as an individual, this number is a general approximation and can vary both higher and lower than the range given. All costs will be explained to you thoroughly, and you can make decisions as you move forward. Our staff is always available to answer questions and provide support in all aspects of your care.

After meeting with your doctor and discussing your individual health needs, additional labs, clinic therapies or services, and supplements may be recommended at an additional cost to the program. Information regarding insurance coverage and payment options can be found on our Payment FAQs page.

Get Started

Take the first step to better health: schedule your appointment today! Give us a call, or use the form below, and we’ll walk you through scheduling your first appointment and answer any questions that you might have.

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Have More Questions Before Deciding? Doctor Call Times are Available

These weekly appointed times give potential patients the opportunity to speak with one of the Riordan Clinic providers to answer basic questions about the clinic, their backgrounds, and areas of expertise.  Find out more about Doctor Call Times.




Over the next several months, it will be important to implement the nutrition and lifestyle changes, supplement recommendations, follow-up appointments, and clinic services that your treatment plan outlines. For patients with chronic illnesses, it is likely that your treatment plan will include ongoing nutritional IV infusions in the months following your first appointment to the Riordan Clinic.

Please expect to receive nutritional infusions two to three times per week for the first three months, at which point your Doctor will reassess the treatment plan based on your individual results and adjust the treatment plan accordingly. The cost of these IVs will vary depending on what is included and will be billed at the time of service. These ongoing IVs are not included in the new patient program price outlined above.  If you are not able to travel to the Riordan Clinic for each treatment, it will be necessary to find a provider near your home to receive the IVC treatments.

Throughout your time at the Riordan Clinic, your doctor will likely suggest supplements for you to take and may adjust that list during your appointments and as they continue to review new lab results. We offer several sales and opportunities to purchase products at a discount throughout the year, so make sure to follow us on Facebook and open emails that you receive from the Riordan Clinic.

By taking an active role in your recovery, you will better understand the systemic causes of your illness, thus enacting a positive impact on your health.

Food as Medicine Course

All new patients will receive a flash drive with a recording of the Food as Medicine course and a digital copy of the textbook. The in-depth course will connect the dots and address some fundamental questions about how our diet impacts our health and well-being and how it contributes to the progression of chronic disease. If you would like to attend this class in person, it is offered monthly at our Wichita campus.  Learn more about this course.