Patient Profile: Uncovering Infertility Issues as a Team

by Nichole Kunkel, RN

One of the most defeating things as a man or woman is the continuous let down, month after month, when trying to conceive a child. When two people’s hearts are set and overflowing with love and desire for a child, the inability to conceive and give that love becomes overbearing and self-defeating. While working at the Riordan Clinic, I learned a lot from the doctors on many symptoms we can treat by addressing the root cause. After seven unsuccessful months of trying to conceive a child and one miscarriage during that time, I knew it was time to seek help from the individuals I rely on daily.

Before going to the clinic for help, I tried the traditional approach and scheduled an appointment with my primary care physician. I went through extensive blood testing and sonograms checking to see if there were any hormone, blood, or anatomical problems that were inhibiting conception. After all my results came back within normal limits, I knew something else had to be going on. That is when I decided to seek help from the Riordan Clinic. I know that vitamins and nutrients play a HUGE role in everything in the body, yet none of my vitamin or nutrient levels had been checked at my primary care office.

After talking with a Riordan Clinic doctor, I was told that, “It is always easiest to ‘check the bull first’ because they are easier to fix.” We had gone through the process backwards which made us feel more defeated, but we were not giving up. The Riordan Clinic doctor recommended we do a preconception nutrient panel to make sure our vitamins and minerals were within normal limits. It was also suggested that we do a reproductive analysis on my husband and then decide what to do from those test results.

After all the blood work was reviewed, we found the problems! My CRP, which is a non-specific inflammatory marker, was elevated. It was suggested I do the HCG program to help decrease visceral fat, which releases inflammatory responses. HCG helps regulate blood sugars and hormones as well as improving chances for fertility. My husband had an even easier treatment protocol. He had to switch to boxers, which decreases the amount of heat that sperm cells are exposed to. Also, he took calcium, magnesium, zinc and vitamin C supplements to help decrease the number of abnormal sperm cells produced and to increase motility of sperm and make them stronger and healthier.

One month after the treatments were started, God answered our prayers, and WE WERE PREGNANT! My pregnancy went extremely well. The baby was healthy, and my weight gain throughout the pregnancy was minimal! The best part of the story is that we had a healthy baby boy! My health status after the pregnancy has been constantly improving. Now, I am healthier and more in shape after having a baby then I have been in the last 8–9 years.

Nichole’s story is a great example of the exceptional care you will receive at the Riordan Clinic. To find out more or to make an appointment, call 316-682-3100 to start your journey to a healthier you.