Empowered Healing: Navigating Hormonal Imbalances and Healing


A woman with curly hair, closed eyes, and a serene expression stands in a sunlit room, symbolizing empowerment and holistic healing on her hormonal health journey.

By Jasmin Murphy

For as long as I can remember, my relationship with my body and hormones has been intricate and challenging. It all began at the tender age of 8 when signs of puberty emerged – monthly cramps, frequent doctor visits, and the constant anticipation of starting my period. In my family, this early onset was considered normal, but little did I know how deeply it would shape my journey.

By the time I was 13, menstruation finally arrived, but it coincided with a weight issue that had been steadily growing since I was 11. Despite being active and mindful of my diet, the cause of my weight gain remained elusive. It wasn’t until I reached 43, with two children and a dramatic 425 lb weight loss story, that I confronted the truth: something was amiss with my body, and I needed to uncover the root cause.

I’ve always preferred addressing root causes over merely treating symptoms with medication. Upon joining Riordan, I sensed I was in the right place to embark on my health journey authentically. However, within weeks of starting, I faced a new challenge: an ovarian cyst requiring immediate attention. After comprehensive blood work, it became clear that while my estrogen and testosterone levels were within range, my progesterone was severely deficient.

Empowered by this knowledge, I opted for Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) with progesterone troches instead of low estrogen birth control. The relief was palpable – better sleep, stabilized moods, improved energy, and regulated cycles. It was a revelation.

Six months later, another consultation revealed multiple ovarian cysts. While they were asymptomatic, I sought further investigation to address underlying issues. Dr. Dunn’s guidance led to a tailored regimen, incorporating nightly castor oil packs and supplements while gradually tapering off BHRT. Initially hesitant, I soon realized Dr. Dunn had equipped me with tools to support my body’s innate healing abilities.

As I reflect on my journey, I’m reminded of the profound impact understanding our bodies can have on our overall well-being. Embracing holistic approaches, listening to our bodies, and seeking knowledgeable guidance can pave the way to transformative healing. As I continue on this journey, I reflect on the relief and progress I’ve experienced. Though there’s still a road ahead, addressing root causes has been transformative. I’m grateful for the journey and wonder how different it might have been had I started sooner.