Sammy’s Very Sick

By Verne Harnish

The following is an excerpt from a November 6th email titled “Verne’s Insights” and written by businessman and international speaker, Verne Harnish. We are very fortunate to have this native Kansan, now living in Barcelona, Spain as the Chairman of our Board of Directors. Please read on as Verne describes to his readers the concept of Real Health as outlined through two patient stories.

“Sammy is very sick” – this is how my dear friend started his email a few weeks ago. His son, a top soccer player on a Top 25 ranked college team in 2015, suddenly became debilitated by two chronic diseases that consumed him over the past four months. Living off supplements and prescription meds, he could hardly get out of bed. And to fight the depression caused by his illness, and the sudden death of a friend, his doctors suggested adding into the mix anti-depressants. Taking a different approach, explained below, within five days “We got our son back—our fun-loving, happy Sammy—it’s a miracle!” exclaimed my friends. He’s back at college, continuing treatments, and talking about returning to soccer this winter. Everyone is cautiously optimistic. So far, so good this week.

Same Happened to Me—suffering chronic respiratory infections all my life (treated with bottles of pink antibiotics), as I hit the road (and skies) in the early 80s building a couple global non profits including EO, I developed asthma and other chronic conditions. The traditional doctors loaded me up with medications and an inhaler and wished me luck. Thank goodness a dear friend in YPO recommended I take the same different approach as Sammy and within a few weeks I was cured—no more chronic issues. Today I’m 56, flying a quarter million miles per year across multiple time zones, taking zero prescription meds, with all the energy I need at work and home—so far, so good, as of this week.

Get Your Data—Sammy (three weeks ago) and I (three decades ago) both went to the non-profit Riordan Clinic. Funded by one of the Forbes 400 wealthiest families and an YPOer/WPOer, the clinic just celebrated its 40th anniversary and is considered by many to be the Mayo Clinic of real healthcare (vs. sick care). Disclosure—I’m now Chairman of the Board. In Sammy’s case, as noted by his parents “Sam entered Riordan by all accounts a depressed, sick young man with an immune system that was dead. The Riordan doctors peeled back all layers of his health, tested hair, stool, urine, blood…” and found the root causes of his problems. It’s normally five to ten things, not one and not 50. In contrast, traditional medicine pushes to find your one or two “diseases”—and once labeled as such, follows a standard protocol for everyone as if we’re all the same. For me, I received my annual data set last week, with a debrief from my Riordan Clinic doctor, and now I know the handful of things I need to adjust in my diet and nutrient levels (and a genetic issue starting to cause problems I need to address) this coming year—it’s slightly different each year, though many things have remained constant (coconut is still toxic to me).

40 Years—it took 40 years for 3D printing, cell phones, IC chips, and even electricity to catch on. The same for our work at the Riordan Clinic. Finally, nutrition-based and genetic analysis and high dose C is gaining traction.

1. New Zealand, as a country, seems to be embracing IV C after a swine flu victim was literally brought back to life a few minutes after receiving IV C. Kiwi researchers are studying the impact of IV C on cancer as well.

2. University of Iowa, University of Kansas, and many others are also using the Riordan Protocol to do formal cancer research.

3. Dr. W. Gifford-Jones, a Harvard Medical School educated doctor, suffered a severe heart attack at age 74. Being told he would only live a couple more years unless he took cholesterol-lowering drugs, he instead pursued high dose C and at age 91 is still going strong. He reiterates in his article much of what is outlined above. (Visit and search “Dr. Gifford Jones”, the article is at the top of the list)

4. And C is being seen as effective in preventing Alzheimer disease ( disease_0504151030.html)

Every day, more research is finally proving what the Riordan Clinic has been doing to cure patients of incurable diseases for decades. Start with data; find and correct root causes; and practice some simple routines like meditation, better eating, and short, intensive exercise—and enjoy a much better quality of life free of damaging prescription medications.

Book and More Riordan Clinics—There is so much confusing info out there which is why I’m spearheading an initiative to write the equivalent of Scaling Up for your health. And the board of the Riordan Clinic is looking at opening up more clinics throughout the US and the world. We need size and clout to deal with the traditional sick care system. We would love your help if you can come to the table with serious resources/interest. In the meantime, if you or a loved one is suffering any kind of chronic ailment, set up an appointment at the Riordan Clinic. Again, we’re non-profit and I don’t receive a penny of compensation—in fact, it’s been one of our family’s top charities to which we give each year. Having REAL health, as we like to call it, is important.

To read the full content of the article please visit Verne Harnish’s Newsletter Archive and navigate (scroll) down to his November 6, 2015 post titled “Sammy’s Very Sick”