January Monthly Specials

January Supplement Special
15% OFF Probiotics

EnteroPro – 60 Caps – Reg $23.05 Sale $19.59
Prodophilus Powder – 2oz –Reg $18.22 Sale $15.49
HMF Replete – 7 Sachets –Reg $32.30 Sale $27.46

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Latero Flora – 60 Caps– Reg $23.42 Sale $19.91
Ortho Biotic Capsules – 30 Caps –Reg $25.42 Sale $21.61
Ortho Biotic Powder – 1.8oz – Reg $23.72 Sale $20.16

January Laboratory Special
30% OFF a Lipids Profile

Assess your risk of developing cardiovascular disease or monitor your current treatment.
Lipids, along with carbohydrates and proteins, are an important part of living cells. Including substances such as fat, oil, or wax that dissolves in alcohol but not in water, lipids serve as a fuel source. They contain carbon, hydrogen and oxygen and are an important component of the structure of cells.
A person’s lipids are greatly affected by many factors, for example: excessive weight. Someone who is carrying excessive weight generally would have high cholesterol or triglycerides (lipids). By losing weight, it is possible for a person’s cholesterol and triglyceride levels to decrease, which would also decrease the risk factors for a variety of diseases, including cardiovascular disease and plaque on the arteries.
Take advantage of this month’s special offer and receive 30% off a Lipids Profile.

Regular: $92
Sale: $64