HCG RX+ Success

Changes towards a healthier lifestyle should include a committed change to healthy eating. Teresa had reached a turning point in her life that created a life changing commitment. She had entered perimenopause, and her weight was continuing to escalate out of control. In April of 2010, her weight had uncontrollably peaked at 172 pounds. As a woman of five foot two inch stature, this was a point of obesity she thought she would never see. In a state of depression and desperation, she made the decision to begin a weight loss journey that would completely change her life.

At first, she was determined to lose the weight on her own, researching countless weight loss programs to learn what would be the best choice for her. She concluded that the amount of weight she needed to lose would require a structured program—something she herself could not do alone. After many hours of research, she came to learn about the HCG Rx+ weight loss program that is offered at the Riordan Clinic. She scheduled her first appointment with the clinic, spoke with the nurse educator, and together they methodically plotted out her plan on a daily basis. The day was set to begin, and through preparation and determination, she was on her way to a new life.

She diligently tracked her weight loss and inches lost by graphing her progress daily. Progressing slowly and steadily as each day went by, the pounds lost began to add up. As each week went by and her total size and weight continued to decrease, she became more determined to reach her weight loss goal. She took control of herself and her life and transformed herself to her vision.

Most people experience times in their lives when they develop eating habits that are not healthy. We begin to live those bad habits daily, never quite understanding how to change them. With the help of the nurse educator, Teresa was continuously educated about good food choices. She learned that organic foods and fresh vegetables were readily accessible in most grocery stores. She developed the healthy habit of choosing colorful fruits and vegetables. She had come to love and crave these good foods on a daily basis. Through nutritional testing at the Riordan Clinic, she also learned what vitamin supplements her body was deficient in and began to supplement every day to reach her optimum health.

Slowly as time went by, she watched her weight decrease and her energy level increase. Her family also saw a very positive change in her. As her weight loss journey unfolded, her entire life changed. She was appreciated more by her family because of her tenacity and determination as they saw her transform before them. The emotional aspect that took place during her journey allowed her to become closer to family and friends, and with their love and support, she was able to reach her weight loss goal.

She learned how her body responded to various foods. She learned to make healthy food choices daily that included eating fresh fruits, vegetables, and low fat protein. She came to understand how important exercise, water, and nutritional supplements are. She developed a healthy lifestyle balance that has allowed her to reach her weight loss goal and maintain that loss to this day.

Currently, she has lost a total of 55 pounds. She has lost a total of 12.5 inches from her waist and a total of 6 ¾ inches from her hips. To this day, Teresa states, “I actually weigh a little less now and have gone down (another) jean size. Wow! I’m so happy. I am so thankful for this program, Dr. Ron, and I am thankful for you.”