ADD/ADHD and Behavior

Let us help you and your family through our 6 week behavior program

Have you been told that your child has behavior issues or problems learning? Do you feel like you’re being steered toward behavior modifying drugs before you’ve explored all the options?

Our holistic health practitioners can help with ADD and ADHD Treatment programs. At Riordan Clinic, our doctors believe that positive changes in learning and behavior can be realized through lifestyle and dietary modifications, proper nutrient supplementation and targeted functional neurological exercises.

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ADD and ADHD Treatment Program Benefits

  • One-on-one attention, with a focus on your child, not just on their symptoms
  • A better understanding of your child’s bio-chemical individuality
  • A better understanding of your family’s nutritional needs
  • Exercises, recipes and dietary changes that can help your child grow at his/her optimum potential
  • Improved behavior at home and in the classroom



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