How does HCG work?

First identified as a hormone released by the body of pregnant women, HCG metabolizes fat for energy for both the mother and the maturing fetus. Dr. Simeon discovered that in prescribed doses HCG offers the same rapid fat-burning benefits to both men and women trying to lose weight.
The presence of HCG does NOT “trick” your body into thinking it is pregnant. Dr. Simeons believed that HCG acted in a manner that reset the brain’s “set point” (located in the hypothalamus.) Each day, while using HCG with a 500 calorie diet, this “reset-action” mobilizes several thousand calories of fat from the body’s visceral fat reserves, which are normally resistant to calorie burning.
This program does not produce metabolic slowing, because the daily quota of calories needed are being met from visceral fat reserves. Protein, healthy carbs, and vitamins are provided by the 500 calorie diet plus a specially designed vitamin program used in conjunction with the HCG nasal spray. There is no malnutrition. Program participants look and feel healthy while on the program.