May 2024 Health Hunters Draft Final (1)

The cover of the May 2024 issue of Health Hunters by Riordan Clinic showcases important topics including supporting estrogen metabolism for hormonal health, understanding identity through cancer’s lens, and practical strategies for healing hormonal imbalances. The feature image of the cover depicts a serene scene with a person holding a stack of smooth white stones, symbolizing balance and harmony. Key articles include “Balancing Act: Supporting Estrogen Metabolism for Hormonal Health” by Dr. Stacy Dunn, “The Essence of Womanhood: Navigating Identity Through Cancer’s Lens” by Haley Nelson, PhD, and “Empowered Healing: Navigating Hormonal Imbalances and Healing” by Jasmin Murphy. Additionally, the issue includes a nutritious quinoa salad with roasted vegetables and tahini dressing recipe that supports overall hormone health. Riordan Clinic continues to lead in integrative oncology and complex chronic illness care, providing valuable resources for both patients and providers.

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