2014 “Health Is…” Contest Winners

Students were asked to write an essay communicating what health means to them.

Each year, Riordan Clinic offers a great opportunity for  students and their teachers in area schools. The “Health Is…” student project contest fosters beneficial learning about health and nutrition and adds interest and enthusiasm to the semester. In 2014 students were asked to write an essay communicating what health means to them. Essays were judged on originality, clarity, motivational impact, and emphasis on health (rather than a focus on disease). Four area fifth graders were selected as the 2013/2014 “Health Is…” contest winners. Their essays are below.

In years past, the top three essays were awarded. In 2014, the judges felt compelled to award prizes to the top four essays based on the criteria. Prizes were awarded to the top entries and to their supervising teachers during classroom ceremonies.

Thank You!

We would sincerely like to thank our participating teachers for their leadership and encouragement to promote enhanced health awareness in their schools. If you are a 5th – 7th grade teacher, or the parent of a child who will be in the 5th – 7th grade, we hope you will consider having your students participate in the 2015 contest.


2014 Health Is… Contest Winners:

First Prize

Sahvanna Bryson

Teacher: Lynda Murphy, 5th grade School: Woodland Elementary, USD 259, Wichita, KS

Sahvanna and her supervising teacher each received a check for $500. Sahvanna’s winning essay will be published in the April 2014 edition of Riordan Clinic’s Health Hunters Newsletter. It can be read below.

“I bet your parents told you to eat healthier a million times. You think it sounds appealing, but once you really start to eat healthier it really isn’t as good as you thought it would be. Well I am going to make that thought change by telling you facts and fun ways that you can stay healthy.

“One way you can stay healthy is by getting lots of exercise. Running one mile can be boring, so instead of doing that you can play tag with some friends, go roller skating, or play your favorite sport. There are many ways to exercise while you are having fun.”

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Second Prize

Abir Haque

Teacher: Brandi Rayl, 5th grade School: Bostic Elementary, USD 259, Wichita, KS

Abir and his supervising teacher each received a check for $250. Abir’s winning essay can be read below.

“I love LEGOs, so I think of buildings. When a building is built, you have to take care of the building. If you don’t, the building will collapse or be condemned. Like your body becoming weaker or dying. I will tell you all about health in this essay.

“Bones are very important very important to your body. Bones protect your organs. Like a building’s walls protect people inside, the building’s structure hold the building up.”

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Third Prize

Allison Tee

Teacher: Jennifer Sinsel, 5th grade School: Hyde Elementary, USD 259, Wichita, KS

Allison and her supervising teacher each received a check for $100. Allison’s winning essay can be read below.

“Hunter groaned as his P.E. teacher, Coach Jackson, handed out the P.E. reports. As usual he got the lowest grades. Hunter crumpled the paper up and began to stuff it in the bottom of the wastebasket, but Coach Jackson was walking by. “Hunter! Let me see that paper.” Hunter grunted as he handed his coach his P.E. report. “I will personally email the online copy to your parents.” Coach Jackson replied as he walked away. For the rest of the school day, Hunter fell asleep in classes once (OK four) times, before school ended. When he got home he saw his mom unloading groceries from her car. “I thought grocery day was Saturday.” He muttered aloud.”

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Third Prize

Khloe Kuckelman

Teacher: Paula Stanley/Jennifer Meek, 5th grade School: Isely Elementary, USD 259, Wichita, KS

Khloe and her supervising teachers each received a check for $100. Khloe’s winning essay can be read below.

“Health means different things to different people. You might think eating a healthy breakfast is all you need that day. Others might think diseases can be cured by eating healthier. But health isn’t about getting healthy AFTER you have disease. Here’s what I think health is.

“Rich or poor, anyone can be healthy if he or she tries. There are some basic ways to keep healthy. I have three basic tips, that I think will help you a lot.”

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