Virtual Lecture Series: Making Your Healthspan Match Your Lifespan (recordings)


The goal of healthy aging involves moving from reactively responding to disease when it is expensive and difficult to treat, to proactively using strategies that prolong the health span of a person’s life. When implemented and maintained, these strategies help decrease illness and increase wellness throughout our final years.

With an understanding of the processes that support healthy aging at the cellular and molecular level, we can design age-appropriate lifestyle and micronutrient protocols that limit the risk of developing age-related disease while promoting lifelong healthy functioning. By improving one’s healthspan, we may also increase their lifespan.

Join Dr. Dustin Moffitt, Naturopathic Doctor, and aging expert, as he explores three areas of healthy aging: Prevention & Real Health, Maintaining Wellness, and Addressing Root Causes.

** These lectures were recorded live and are now available for viewing using the links below.


Part One: Prevention & Real Health   [WATCH PART ONE]

Prevention isn’t just about avoiding disease as we age. It’s about building healthy habits that enable us to do the things we enjoy with energy and vigor and to do them well into our later years. In this lecture, you will learn the meaning of Real Health and how to create it in your own life. Building Real Health now can add more life to your years down the road.

Part Two: Maintaining Wellness [WATCH PART TWO]

Getting well is half the journey… When plagued with symptoms or dis-ease we are determined to find relief. But, relief only lasts so long if we don’t commit to maintaining wellness. In this lecture, Dr. Moffitt will share some ways to get well, and more importantly, stay well throughout our lifetime.

Part Three: Addressing Root Causes [WATCH PART THREE]

The traditional medical model targets symptoms and aims to find ways to make them go away. While this may give patients relief in the short term, it has long-term consequences. In this lecture, Dr. Moffitt will discuss why addressing root causes is vital for creating Real Health and ensuring a lifetime of feeling good.


Speaker: Dr. Dustin Moffitt

Medical Director at the Riordan Clinic Hays Clinic
Dr. Moffitt specializes in regenerative injection techniques, pain management, sports rehabilitation, chronic illness, functional medicine, and weight loss.



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