Healthcare Heroes 2017 – Ron Hunninghake, MD

Wichita Business Journal | August 2017 | Healthcare Heroes | Category: Physicians

Dr. Ron Hunninghake is nearing 30 years with the Riordan Clinic in Wichita, helping patients increase their wellness through the nutrition-based care pioneered by founder Dr. Hugh Riordan. With nearly three decades of improving lives at the clinic, it’s no surprise that Hunninghake is known by patients and staff alike by the more familiar name of “Dr. Ron.”

Hunninghake is a native Kansan who began his career as a small-town doctor north of Salina in the town of Minneapolis. He joined Riordan in 1989, and has been the clinic’s medical director ever since. It is work that has taken him around the globe, having lectured on Riordan specialties such as vitamin therapy for cancer patients in countries all over the world. It has also brought the world to Wichita.

“Dr. Ron has helped revolutionize the face of holistic medicine and the use of High Dose IV Vitamin C in the treatment of cancer and chronic disease,” says Erin Manning, marketing director at Riordan. “He has patients fly in from all over the world and is invited to speak at conferences globally. He is truly a pioneer.”

His work at the clinic has also seen him carry on the tenets of its late founder, including the focus on the patient-doctor relationship, proper diagnosis, and the power of nature to help treat the patient as a whole person. In addition, Hunninghake is the current chairman-elect of the International Schizophrenia Foundation, and sits on the board of directors for the Pure North S’Energy Foundation in Canada, and has been a regular presenter at their Orthomolecular Medicine Today Conference. He is also the co-author of three books and numerous papers on subjects including inflammation, supplements, and diabetes prevention. While his expertise may have made “Dr. Ron” known around the world, it has been the impact on patients that has made the greatest difference.

“Thousands of patients credit their health and well-being to his guidance and care,” says Anne Zauderer, a chiropractor at the clinic and Hunninghake’s daughter. “He has dedicated his life and medical career to constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries of medicine for the good of his patients. He is a vital force in the Wichita medical community.”