Cancer Go Book

“Carry a notebook with you to write everything down.”

That was the first advice that Melissa received after hearing those life-changing words, “your husband has cancer”.

Over the next several months she realized that the overwhelming amount of information they received was difficult to organize and reference quickly as she was helping to make critical decisions in Scott’s care.

Balancing the schedule of appointments, a growing list of questions, notes about treatments and side effects, and what felt like a million other details left Melissa (and Scott!) feeling exhausted and ill-prepared.

“I kept forgetting all of the questions that we wanted to ask.”

What are the side effects of treatment? What were those test results?  What were they last time? What do we need to do between now and our next appointment? What do we need to take to all of our appointments?

Unfortunately, after a two-year journey, Scott lost his battle with cancer.  Melissa was left with time to reflect on their lives and the experiences they had together. She became determined to help other families and care providers find a better way to gather and use the information that they were presented with.

Melissa recognized that having a central place, in a clearly organized format, would not only relieve stress off of those making critical care decisions but it would allow them the time to focus on what is most important. Health. Healing. Hope.

Her vision is to see cancer patients and caregivers spend more time doing what they want, and less time searching for what they need.

Out of this desire to honor Scott and help other families, Melissa created the Cancer Go Book © as the companion planner for patients and caregivers.

The Cancer Go Book © is a compact, spiral-bound journal to keep track of:

• Cancer Care
• Supplements and Prescriptions
• Treatment and Therapies
• Side Effects
• Appointments
• Calendar
• Food/Diet Needs
• Resources and Contact Information
• Lists to help live life!
• And more



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