Riordan Clinic and COVID-19

A Letter From Our Chief Medical Officer

By Ron Hunninghake, M.D.

The COVID-19 pandemic represents one of the greatest global health challenges to face mankind in modern times.

This week, the fear of rapid spread among the population of the United States has resulted in unprecedented, large scale cancellations and institutional closings around the nation.

Public health officials everywhere are pleading with Americans to “stay home” and to avoid large group settings where infectious exposures and transmission are more likely.

In an effort to comply with these evolving guidelines, the Riordan Clinic recommends that our patients who are experiencing fever, cough, shortness of breath, or even sore throat to stay at home, implementing the now well-recognized strategy of voluntary quarantine.

While we do use high dose intravenous vitamin C (IVC) for acutely ill patients with manageable symptoms, the current public health guidelines suggest that any person with a fever or any upper respiratory symptoms should treat their illness as potentially COVID-19, preferably obtaining appropriate diagnosis via your local health department or hospital ER. The three Riordan Clinic sites are not equipped with protective masks or hazmat suits and our staff are not trained to deal with infections of this potential virulence. We will remain open to our chronically ill patients (with no fever) who can benefit from the preventive power of IVC. Our priority is to protect these patients from an otherwise potentially devastating exposure to COVID-19.

Finally, we recommend that our regularly scheduled patients KEEP THEIR APPOINTMENTS… but try to convert them to either phone, Zoom (video call), or some other virtual mode. Once again, this reduces everyone’s risk of exposure. (Please call our office to arrange this.)

Hopefully, with the coming of spring and warmer weather, AND with meticulous compliance to the public health guidelines listed in this letter, we will witness the end of the pandemic and a return to business as usual. Thank you for your patience and understanding… and for your compliance

Clinic Hours and Availability

As an essential business, we will remain open during the COVID-19 mandated stay-at home orders. In order to best serve you and limit the risk of exposure for both our staff and
community, we are limiting all of our clinics to be accessible by appointment only. Remote appointments via phone or video calls are available.

To schedule an appointment (including phone appointments), schedule an IV or therapy, or schedule a lab draw please call:
Wichita: 316-682-3100 x367
Hays: 785-628-3215
Overland Park: 913-745-4757