Patient Story: IV vitamin C During Chemo

Submitted by: Sally Bass Ph.D.

I am an 82-year-old retired nurse with metastatic endometrial and cervical cancer.  I am using intravenous Vitamin C infusions as support during my chemotherapy treatments.

I first became interested in intravenous Vitamin C infusions in the late 70s when Norman Cousins, an American journalist, published “Anatomy of an Illness”.  It described his journey to treat and cure a collagen illness by using large doses of intravenous Vitamin C.

I had further opportunity to study this therapy in the nineties when I was working toward a Ph.D. in Holistic Health.  It was interesting to me how the research seemed to go back and forth, with the Vitamin C infusions being in favor and then not so much.

The help that the infusions give for the side effects of chemotherapy is remarkable.  During two chemotherapy treatments, I have had minimal discomfort and generally feel almost normal.  I have also read “How to Starve Cancer while not starving yourself”, a 2018 publication by Jane McLelland.  Excellent tips on nutrition as well as further documentation of the value of intravenous Vitamin C infusions.  Riordan Clinic is cited three times throughout the book.

Oncologists and naysayers will tell you that the Vitamin C infusions weaken the chemotherapy treatments.  But between my first and second treatments, my hair fell out, my white blood count was less than 2,000, (normal is 5-10,000) and I had a non-itching chemo rash over most of my body.  But, I  experienced little nausea and was comfortable on most days.

My Surgeon/Oncologist first told me not to do the Vitamin C infusions until after my chemotherapy treatments were finished.  I advocated for doing them during the chemotherapy because of a study published by my physician in 2014.  Vitamin C infusions were used as a support during the chemotherapy treatments of patients with ovarian cancer, with the result of decreasing the side effects and increasing the death of the cancer cells.  I was able to get this physician to agree for me to use Vitamin C infusions during chemotherapy.  Many patients are not so lucky and need to use the treatments without permission of their physician and then only if they can find a facility that gives them.

I know my body better than anyone, which is why I strongly advocated for myself and found a facility that provided intravenous Vitamin C infusions.