Expect the Unexpected

45 years (and going!) of patient care at the Riordan Clinic

Riordan Clinic focuses on prevention—getting to the root cause instead of just treating symptoms of illness. Our dedicated team of doctors and staff works closely with people to restore, improve or maintain their health. We listen first, then test and map out a research-based, nutrition-fueled path to well-being. On this path, health is a journey, not a destination.

Our goal is for patients to reclaim their lives and feel their absolute best, empowered with tools and knowledge. Tapping into the body’s ability to heal. Strengthening systems. Leveraging evidence-based medicine. Patients benefit from an onsite lab and supplement store, and take advantage of innovative testing models like thermography, Check Your Health panels and a Health Markers program. Chelation, intravenous vitamin therapy, bio-identical hormone replacement and other proven therapies may also be part of an individual’s path to well-being.

Many people wonder what to expect when they become a patient at Riordan Clinic. They should expect the unexpected, that is to say, the most positive medical experience they’ve ever had! Since 1975, the most frequent comment we hear is about our extraordinary patient care. We emphasize “whole” patient care. Our philosophy focuses on addressing the underlying cause/causes of illness, not just the symptoms. We are treating the whole person.

We practice nutrition-based medicine, which seeks to resolve health issues by optimizing vitamin and nutrient levels in the body. Our belief is that a proven nutrition-based remedy is always better than a pharmacologic one. The key is accessing an individual’s biochemical status via blood based nutrient testing performed at our on-site laboratory. We test for levels far beyond what mainstream medicine looks at or even considers. The results yield a wealth of information that will set our doctors and patients on a path to optimal health and wellness.

The Clinic’s founder and namesake, Dr. Hugh Riordan, was a gifted diagnostician. His diagnostic skills and knowledge have been passed on to our professional medical staff assuring each patient is treated as a unique individual. Our approach provides answers for even the most complex medical issues. We see patients with illnesses ranging from chronic diseases like cancer and fibromyalgia to undiagnosed problems that have been plaguing their quality of life for years.

What should you expect each time you visit our clinic? Exceptional care, respect, honesty, and a feeling of hope and belonging. We hope you will find the answers to questions that have been eluding you for years. You will learn that the symptoms you have are signs of an underlying issue, and we will use all of our resources to get to the bottom of your concerns. Our goal is not to mask the symptoms with a pharmacologic “quick fix,” but rather to find the root cause of the problem and correct it.

People worldwide turn to this special place for individualized, solutions oriented medical support. For many, our centralized, 90-acre campus in Wichita, Kansas launches a vital, new beginning. Find Your Way to Well at Riordan Clinic.

MISSION – Leading people to their discovery of Real Health through whole person care, biometric testing, research, and education.

VISION – To create a global epidemic of Real Health.

Our commitment is to lead and serve through active listening, attentiveness, proactively engaging co-learners regarding their care, prioritizing the needs of others, and looking for ways that we can implement positive actions to impact overall experience and satisfaction.

We are a trusted resource for both patients as well as other doctors. We provide information and guidance through research, professional training, and education programs. As a team we commit to continued learning and consideration of new research, therapies, and other resources that improve patient care and experience.

Finding root causes and developing results oriented therapies starts with data. Identifying biochemical individuality through lab testing and developing science-based therapies and programs through research is at the very core of who we are. Our clinical laboratory testing and research programs exist to solve problems and provide clear answers that are used in collaboration with clinic services to provide comprehensive care to all co-learners.

“Whole Person” Care
We seek to identify the underlying causes of illness and correct them using a variety of natural, non-toxic modalities. We are looking for causes beyond symptoms and approach Real Health as more than just disease or sickness care. With confidence, compassion, empathy and kindness, we will seek to identify the underlying cause of illness and work to correct them as co-learners.

Because we value all people, we will speak and act with professionalism, respect, kindness, empathy, dignity, and integrity to all co-learners, guests, staff, and people in our communities at all times.


  • Empowering ourselves as co-learners.
  • Correcting measurable dysfunctions.
  • Making food our medicine.
  • Cultivating healthy reserves.
  • Finding the real causes of illness.
  • Adopting better lifestyle choices.
  • Caring for the whole person.
  • Honoring the healing power of nature.