What Real Health Means To Me – Millie

by Millie Birchfield, 5th Grade • McCollom Elementary

Imagine this…your body is like a temple. You can either build it up to make it stronger or you can slowly tear it down. To build a strong temple means every action you make has to favor the temple. Just like if you want to be a healthy person, all your body parts have to take part and they all have to work together in order to be physically fit.

First, being healthy also has to do with your spirit and positivity. My personal thoughts are that you have to believe in yourself, think good thoughts about yourself and others, and keep your head held high. If your mind doesn’t do these things, your body won’t have the motivation to take care of itself. Motivations are the things you love so much; they inspire you to go further. Also, incentives like your family will make you want to be at a healthy weight so you can have more energy to do things with them.

Secondly, goals are milestones that you arrange in your path of being healthy that you plan to reach. Without goals, you wouldn’t know how far to go and what you wanted to do next. What I would suggest is to think about a road trip. You have to make stops and different marks along the way. Just like in life, the things on your bucket list are your ultimate destinations, but you are going to have to take stops and rests along the way. In this case, say running a marathon is one of your goals to stay healthy. Maybe you could run a 5k first and keep practicing until you can finally get the self confidence, determination, and proper training to run a marathon.

Finally, the two most important parts of being healthy are exercising and keeping a balanced diet. Exercising helps to make you stronger so you can easily do more things. Some people think of exercising as “alone time” where they get to do something for themselves. Sometimes people can get caught up doing things for others but when you’re exercising, you’re doing it for yourself. By exercising, you can transform your body into what you want it to be. The best part is, you can exercise while doing the things you love. You can exercise while playing sports. You can exercise by walking around the mall. You can even exercise by roaming around, sight-seeing. As long as you’re moving you’re helping your body. The only other thing you have to do besides working hard and enjoying yourself is keeping a balanced diet and eating healthy. That includes eating fresh vegetables and fruit and not a lot of sweets. Turns out, a lot of foods that are healthy are better than sugary, greasy foods. Another way to take care of your body is by keeping it hydrated by drinking lots of water.

Health is…a very important aspect of life. Evidence shows that having goals, motivations, keeping a balanced diet, and exercising are all contributions to being a healthy person. With that said, I hope you will achieve this goal of being healthy.