Patient Profile

by Kristy Reid, MA

More than 10 million people are currently living with cancer in the United States. Many factors beyond our control contribute to the risk of cancer, such as age and family history. However, we do know that getting to a healthy weight can help lower the risks.

Earlier this year we had a co-learner come into our clinic who was battling stage four breast cancer, and was given only a few weeks to live. Her family was devastated and felt that all hope was gone. She had poor eating habits, an inactive lifestyle, and was a smoker. She met with our team of doctors and a plan was then set into place. After having a series of lab work done, our doctors recommended intravenous vitamin C, and started her on specific supplements such as hydroxy citrate to help her with the weight loss.

Patient ProfileIt has been 7 ½ months since she came in to our clinic and her case is baffling to modern day medicine. Not only is she living, but her quality of life has increased dramatically. She has lost excess fat; losing a total of 25 lbs. She now goes on daily walks with her husband, who almost lost her. Her whole lifestyle has completely changed, and she is no longer a smoker. She says that she is going to continue losing the weight and continue to fight her battle with cancer. In fact, she feels so great; her husband brags he can barely keep her in the house anymore.