Patient Profile

by Danae Baker, Certified Medical Assistant

A certain amount of sex hormones are needed to complete conception (man + women= baby). Testosterone helps men have the strength to protect their offspring and to woo a mate. Estrogen is a key component infertility and development during puberty for woman. Progesterone helps to balance estrogen and other hormones needed for healthy body functions. However, as we get older our hormone levels begin to drop.

Hormonal imbalance brings on a variety of different symptoms. For example, persistent weight gain, belly fat and loss of muscle mass, low libido, fatigue, anxiety, irritability, depression, poor sleep patterns, sweating, digestion problems, and cravings.

A co-learner came to visit Riordan Clinic after seeing 15 other doctors who, even after a number of tests, were unable to find any answers or proper treatment. Her son pushed her to seek help at Riordan Clinic. She was experiencing hair loss, weight gain, mood swings, fatigue, and a slew of other symptoms. She felt like a “prisoner” in her own body, she was unable to garden or enjoy playing with her grandkids.

After her new patient experience, meeting with our doctors, and the “wonderful staff,” this co-learner found out that one of the issues was a hormonal imbalance. She was advised to change to a nutrient dense diet, along with adding hormone medication and supplements. She also added a few treatments we offer such as, intravenous vitamin C and lymphatic drainage. She started to notice an increase in energy. She made an attempt to have a better attitude toward life, thinking of things to be grateful for on a daily basis and letting go of the past. She says that she is now on the path of recovery.

Patient ProfileThis co-learner was finally able to keep her grandkids for the weekend and she was able to tend to her garden. Although she is not 100% back to her old self, she has gained a lot of things back she once took for granted. She continues to grace us with her presence and her laugh and smile can brighten anybody’s day.