In Gratitude…

In Gratitude…

As a not-for-profit organization, we rely on many to make our vision a reality. So many come together to provide our patients with a place of hope, health and healing. Here are just a few we’d like to thank.

All individuals and groups who have donated to our cause through financial support

Arthrits Foundation room rental and collaboration on the Alternative Therapies for Arthritis seminar

Our patients and co-learners who spread the good word about the clinic:

“When patients were encouraged to
be actively involved in learning about
what might be the cause of their distress,
they seemed to gain a greater sense of
control over their own lives and were
more willing to make conscious efforts to
make beneficial lifestyle modifications.
This rotation was overall an extremely
valuable experience for me as a maturing
medical student to recognize the
immense role of nutrition and lifestyle
modifications in disease prevention and

—An observance by a KU medical student during her nutrition elective at the Riordan Clinic, about the Clinic’s fundamental concept of the patient as a co-learner.