In Gratitude…

In Gratitude…
As a not-for-profit organization, we rely on many to make our vision a reality.So many come together to provide our patients with a place of hope, health and healing. Here are just a few we’d like to thank.
• All individuals and groups whohave donated to our cause through financial support
• Moostash Joe Tours (Fremont, NE),Southwestern College nursing program tour group (Winfield, KS), and GoWichita Destination Exchange attendees for your interest in learning more about the Riordan Clinic
• Our patients and co-learners who spread the good word about the clinic:“I finished reading the book [Pyramid on the Prairie] last week and found it extremely fascinating. I became a colearner with Dr. Hugh in January, 1986 but didn’t have a clue about the difficult time he was having in being accepted in the medical community. He was exactly what I wanted in my doctor. Just as interesting was what I learned about Olive Garvey. I really like one of Dr. Riordan’s favorite sayings from Ben Franklin, “if everyone is thinking the same, then no one is thinking.””
—W.M., Sharon Springs, March 2013
Pyramid on the Prairie is available in our supplement store and on our website.