In Gratitude

As a not-for-profit organization, we rely on many to make our vision a reality. So many come together to provide our patients with a place of hope, health and healing. Here are just a few we’d like to thank.
• All individuals and groups who have donated to our cause through financial support, including:

o Garvey Kansas Foundation, Wichita, KS—In memory of Willard W. Garvey & Olive W. Garvey and Dr. Hugh D. Riordan and to honor Dr. Ron Hunninghake and colleagues
o Pete Ferrell, Beaumont, KS
o Mr. & Mrs. Rex Phillips, Chanute, KS
o Dr. Charles Hinshaw, Jr., Wichita, KS
o George & Lucille Borushko, Pavillion, WY
o Carol Hedrick, Pella, IA
o Linda Zoe Miner, Lyons, KS—for research
o Elizabeth Marietta, Salina, KS —In memory of Bob and Betty Marietta
o Brenda H. Canedy, PhD, Minneapolis, MN—for research
o Roy & Martha Gillett, Oklahoma City, OK
o Stan Churchill, Wichita, KS
o Ethne Barnes, Tucson, AZ
o Marlene Niemann, Albuquerque, NM

• The Kansas Motor Carriers Association, GoWichita Convention and Visitor’s Bureau and Crestcom International for event/meeting space rental

• Our patients and co-learners who spread the good word about the clinic:
o “I tell everybody—EVERYBODY—about the Riordan Clinic. I am totally sold on what is being done there. I went there and their way of treating people is to get to the bottom of what caused the problem in the first place.” —J.V., Aurora, CO