February: This Month's Specials

February Vitamin Special
15% Off of Supplements for Arthritis

ArthroGenX Crème 2 oz –Reg $22.10 SALE $18.79
Magnesium Oil 8oz –Reg $24.65 SALE $20.95
MSM Cream (Cetyl Myristoleate Cream) 4oz –Reg $18.38 SALE $15.62

ArthroGenX Caps –Reg $34.85 SALE $29.62
Hyaluronic Acid –Reg $30.86 SALE $26.23
Magnesium Chelate –Reg $11.82 SALE $10.05
MSM 500mg Caps –Reg $39.01 SALE $33.16
MSM Plus 1000mg Tabs –Reg $25.50 SALE$ 21.68
MSM 7oz Crystals –Reg $23.52 SALE $19.99
MSM 2lb Crystals –Reg $57.70 SALE $49.05
Pain X –Reg $35.70 SALE $30.35
Turmeric Curcumin –Reg $13.18 SALE $11.20

February Lab Special
30% OFF Boron & Strontium Trace Minerals Testing

Boron and strontium are trace minerals that are found throughout the body and are indispensable for healthy bone function.
You do not need a doctor’s order to have laboratory testing administered. Please call our laboratory directly to set your appointment, 316-684-7784.
Special: $109
Reg: $156