The Riordan Clinic Hosts Its 3rd Intravenous Vitamin C Symposium

The Riordan Clinic Hosts Its 3rd Intravenous Vitamin C Symposium

The 3rd Symposium on IV Vitamin C and Cancer, held October 5 and 6, attracted an international audience of 80 practitioners, including delegates from England, Poland, Italy, Japan, Australia and Argentina. The striking appearance, beautiful environment, and superb functionality of the famous Riordan Clinic greatly impressed the symposium visitors, more than half of whom were here for the first time.

The theme question posed for this year’s symposium was “Is Cancer a Non-healing Wound?” Ron Hunninghake, MD, Chief Medical Officer of the Clinic and organizer of the symposium, opened with an excellent overview of the Riordan IV-C Cancer protocol and addressed the role of inflammation and the bi-oxidant paradox in cancer progress and treatment. Garrett Sullivan, MD, followed with his report on the IV-C Ovarian Cancer study completed at the Kansas University Medical Center. After lunch, the importance of the doctor-patient relationship and healing “life wounds” were examined by Mike Bauerschmidt, MD, of Fort Lauderdale. The father/daughter team of Bill Wassell, MD, and the Riordan Clinic’s own Jennifer Kaumeyer, ND, presented a series of case studies from their IV-C and cancer experience. Neil Riordan closed the presentations for Friday with a fine lecture on the use of stem cells in cancer treatment. The panel featuring all of the day’s speakers discussed questions from the audience, before ending with a reception in the exhibitors dome, where delegates spent time with the ten sponsors of the symposium.

Saturday morning began with brief presentations from Tom Levy, MD (Nevada); Manjeet Riar, MD (UK); Michael Gonzalez, PhD, and Jorge Miranda-Massari, PharmD (both of Puerto Rico), before assembling into another panel to address the optimal dosing methods for IV-C in cancer treatment. This session providied a great work-shop opportunity for all delegates to compare experience and determine solutions for their IV-C clinical practice. Before lunch Mike Margolis, DDS (Texas), explored the close connection between oral and dental health and cancer. The afternoon began with local oncologist, Mark Fesen, MD, speaking from the physician’s perspective on how to survive the cancer system. Michael Gonzalez, PhD, and Jorge Miranda-Massari, PharmD, gave a second presentation on the prevention and treatment of cancer-associated sepsis using IV-C. The final talk of the day by Marco Ruggiero, MD (Italy) brought us back to basics, discussing food-based macrophage activating factors in assisting cancer treatment. (His lecture was complemented by a three hour workshop/demonstration on Sunday morning for 15 delegates who were able to attend.) Saturday’s progam concluded with an informative and lively panel discussion, from which all the delegates benefited. The symposium closed with another reception with the exhibitors and a delicious banquet in the Clinic’s Pyramid, accompanied by the terrific sounds of Wichita’s favorite band, The Source.

During the two-day symposium, delegates had opportunities to tour the Riordan Clinic facilities and many took advantage of the discounted therapies offered during the symposium, including nutrition/vitamin C infusions, Ultra Violet Blood Irradiation, and HealthMarkers blood nutrient panels. All delegates participated in complimentary blood draws to measure antioxidant levels of vitamins A, C and E. It will be interesting to see if results from this cohort of experienced Orthomolecular doctors confirm that they are practicing what they preach!

Judging by the enthusiastic delegate comments and evaluations, this 3rd IVC and Cancer Symposium was the best yet, and all are looking forward to another great experience of education and inspiration in 2014.

Note from the Chief Medical Officer:  My profound thanks to Orthomolecular Hall of Famer, Mr. Steven Carter for not only writing an excellent overview of the Symposium, but for graciously stepping in to expertly chair the majority of the presentations after I was precipitously called away to attend to the events surrounding my father’s passing.   Ron Hunninghake, MD