Polarity for Balance

Polarity for Balance

by Laurie S Roth-Donnell, Master Herbalist and Holistic Pracitioner

Human Body Polarity is an emerging new science that envelope the secrets of past systems of healing and merge this knowledge with future cures. Polarity therapy is becoming a household word and is a synthesis of many ancient theories and techniques derived from Indian Ayurvedic medicine and Chinese healing traditions such as acupressure and acupuncture. The term “polarity” relates to one of the basic laws of nature—electric magnetic force, or attraction and repulsion.

The human energy field is described in terms such as life force, chakras, auras, prana, and chi. Acupuncturists study and manipulate the channels of energy that run through the body.  They believe that when these channels are blocked or out of balance, pain and disease can result. The goal of polarity therapy is to restore flow. Practitioners use their hands to bring balance back into the human energy field, believing that the body will begin to automatically heal when balance is restored.  Research has shown that in disease, the natural flow of energy is obstructed, disordered, and often depleted. Think about how you feel when you are sick; you have no energy. When the energy is flowing, we maintain optimal health.

Many cultures are based on the principles of energy, and many cultures use energy medicine for healing. Chinese and Indian traditions use the principles of energy as the foundation for their entire healthcare system. The basis for tai chi, qigong, yoga, and meditation is balancing the energy flow in the body. Therapies such as polarity therapy, reiki, therapeutic touch, and reflexology all influence the body’s flow of energy to promote health and healing.

Dr. Andrew Weil stated, “Health, according to the energy model, is the harmonious flow of life energy, while imbalances in this flow (due to unhealthy habits) result in illness.” He points out that conventional medicine has long used machines—such as x-rays, lasers, EKGs and EEGs—that record various forms of energy to diagnose or treat disease.

How does body energy work?  The human body is like an electrical plant that runs on high-voltage energy. The spine, representing the utility pole, sends energy via all the nerves (or wires) to every part of the body so movement can occur. If there is a short in the circuits or an injury to the system, the circuit breakers go out. Knowing how to turn these circuit breakers back on is energy medicine.

Dr. Randolph Stone, the founder of polarity therapy, created a very detailed science that uses various reflex points, holds for stress reduction and specific energetic manipulations to release tension in the body. A polarity practitioner uses various types of touch—working with their hands on or off the body—which can be combined with gentle rocking to release physical tension patterns. Deeper acupressure’s points help relieve energetic congestion held deep in the body.

Polarity also involves yoga exercise as well as Ayurvedic “live food” principles. It truly is a holistic approach to healthcare. A common belief in all aspects of polarity therapy is that life energy is the link between the mind and the body – an aspect of healing that we should all utilize. Let’s stay in balance.

As always, consult your primary care physician before adopting any alternative health regime.



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