November Patient Profile

Naturopathic Medicine Patient Profile

by Chris Brannon RN BSN

Naturopathic medicine is based on the belief that the human body has an innate healing ability. The doctors who practice this type of medicine focus on the “whole picture” and not just a specific disease a patient may have. They then craft comprehensive treatment plans by not only using modern medicine but traditional natural medicine to assist in restoring the patient’s health.

Many patients experience a loss of hope when physicians say there is nothing else they can do to help them, leading them to pursue a naturopathic approach.  One such patient was diagnosed with prostate enlargement. Over the course of a 20 year span, he endured two surgeries and was on multiple medications. With no avail, he ended up with the diagnoses of prostate cancer.

After the final surgery in 2008, hope was again on the horizon. Then three years later, his PSA (prostate-specific antigen) level started to increase. It had returned to 0 after the prostatectomy and had now risen to 0.1. Shortly after the next lab draw, it increased again to 0.2. The modern medicine approach promoted radiation treatments. A few months of radiation resulted in no change in his PSA level of 0.2, which in turn caused him to lose hope in Western Medicine.

He turned to Naturopathic Medicine in November of 2011. A thorough exam and lab study was performed, and a perfect portrayal of how Naturopathic Medicine works was discovered. An elevated PSA was not the only issue the patient experienced. The patient’s lab results revealed mercury toxicity and a CRP (C-reactive protein) level of 33.6!

The decision was made to have him start intravenous vitamin C infusions for the elevated PSA and CRP and captomer for mercury toxicity. After only 5 months of treatments, his CRP level dropped dramatically to 1.6 and his PSA level remained the same preventing the need for radiation. The patient considers this to be a great success and he couldn’t be happier!