Drinking Coffee during Pregnancy

Drinking Coffee during Pregnancy

by Amanda Hawkinson

For those who can’t resist having a cup of coffee every morning, there is new research that shows that drinking coffee during pregnancy won’t give your child behavior problems later in life.

The researchers discovered that children of mothers who drank up to three cups of coffee per day(while pregnant) were not at a greater risk of being inattentive than moms who did not drink any at all.

Most pregnant mothers are very concerned with what foods and drinks should be avoided to make sure the baby develops properly and stays healthy, but the idea of giving up the morning cup of java can seem like too much to take.

Many doctors advise caffeine limits of one cup per day, and insist that that amount is perfectly safe and would not have any negative effects on the baby.

Personally, I don’t really care to much for coffee (I love the smell though), but found that during pregnancy, I developed a total aversion to the smell of it. I had to make sure to avoid any places that sold coffee, due to aversion to it. The smell would literally make me gag. It took several months after my son was born until I felt ok to be around it again.

I have talked to other mothers since that experience, and several have told me that they had the same issue. Some were avid coffee drinkers and could swear it was their body’s way of telling them that even a small amount of caffeine wasn’t healthy for the baby. Perhaps, maternal instincts were kicking it.

Although I will probably never become a fan of coffee, I can understand how many feel like they can’t function without it. Many mothers that had developed an aversion to coffee during their last pregnancy said they would probably still drink coffee next time around. At least with the new findings they can be less worried about drinking a cup, or tree, and having a hyperactive kindergartner later on.

Did you drink coffee during your pregnancy?