July Lab Special:30% Off Inflammation Panel & Complete Blood Count (CBC)

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Inflammation Panel & Complete Blood Count (CBC)
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Why should you have these levels tested?
In general, all illnesses and injuries are accompanied by inflammation. This inflammation, seen as a defense mechanism, can be detected and quantified by laboratory tests. Although the test results are non-specific, elevation of inflammation test results alerts the physician to investigate and, if possible, identify the condition causing the abnormal results. Conversely, normal results in the Inflammation Panel point to wellness, reassuring to both the patient and physician. A list of conditions marked by inflammation is endless, but examples include cancer, arteriosclerosis, infection, and autoimmune disorders. Treatments of inflammation include the use of antioxidant nutrients. Blood levels of inflammation markers and antioxidant levels are monitored.

A complete blood count (CBC) is also recommended. By measuring the number of red and white blood cells, the total amount of hemoglobin in the blood, and platelet count, the CBC helps doctors asses many different conditions and symptoms of disease. The results can reflect problems with fluid volume (such as dehydration) or loss of blood. The test can reveal problems with RBC production and destruction, or help diagnose infection, allergies, and problems with blood clotting.

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