HCG Rx + Success

Renewal of the self is a passage that can be liberating to experience. The result is well worth the effort no matter how difficult the journey has been. Through the winter months, it becomes difficult to focus on our weight loss goals. The weather is dreary, the sun is shy, and our energy level becomes drudgingly low. We have set expectations for the New Year, and we don’t want to let ourselves down.

Our patient has experienced a life-time of drudgery with weight loss and gain over 50 years. She is a loyal patient to the Riordan Clinic and heard about our HCG Rx+ weight loss program through our newsletters and our doctors. Having finally become emotionally exhausted from her own attempts to reduce her weight, she started our program. For years she fought with the 10 and 20 pound syndrome, until it became the 40 and 60 pound syndrome. That is when she knew it was time to become active and to take control of her life.

She joined the HCG Rx+ weight loss program and became very focused and determined. Her desire was to lose 80 pounds and to sustain that weight loss by changing her eating habits and by learning how her body responded to foods.

When the patient began the HCG Rx+ program she was focused and prepared. She had her foods and water available and ready each day. Her meats were pre-weighed and packaged, fresh fruits and vegetables were readily available, and she was sure to drink at least 64 ounces of water every day.

She enjoyed trying new HCG recipes that offered variety in what can become an uninteresting diet. She began her journey to better health weighing 279 pounds with an initial goal weight of 200 pounds. Like most of us, one of her weaknesses was emotional self-sabotage. Whenever there was an issue in life that was difficult to deal with, she would turn to food for satisfaction and comfort. Most of us have emotional issues that we have learned to suppress with foods. We want immediate comfort and security and food has become that for us. Through her program and with time, she has learned to recognize these emotional eating habits. She has developed strategies that help her to cope when this is happening and to change her response to life’s stressors.

Over time, our patient has reduced her weight by 50 pounds, and she continues on her weight loss journey. She has come to recognize how stressors that are overwhelming can trigger her emotional eating, and she has broken the cycle of selfsabotage. She understands that this is a life process, and through this course, she is renewing herself. She is changing her self-image, has regained her self-esteem, and has transformed herself into a healthy, confident woman that better understands herself and her body.

This patient is a great example of the weight loss success that awaits you with the Riordan Clinic HCG Rx+ weight loss program.

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