Natural Skin Detoxification

Believed to have originated in the Orient, prescribed washing and bathing has been practiced to promote wellness for centuries. The Chinese, Hebrew, Greek, Indian, and Egyptians all have ancient references to washing/bathing rituals. The basic Roman and Greek bathhouse was two rooms, one hot steam and the other cold water. Many traditions include massage with a warm oil infusion. While in the Orient, the Crusaders discovered the Turkish bath and in the 15th and 16th centuries, they became common in Europe.

The Finns have a long tradition of sauna use and enthusiasts may alternate hot and cold numerous times during a visit to one of the many public saunas. There are numerous benefits associated with sauna treatments such as the relief of: rheumatism and body aches, the elimination of toxins, the shedding of dead cells, the opening and cleansing of pores and the reduction of obesity. The Finns have a specific protocol that begins with a solid wood sauna at a temperature of 104°F. The sauna is equipped with a water basin, birch whisk, and soap.

Many public saunas in Finland have attendants to assist with the following seven stages of a traditional Finnish Sauna Bath:

  1. Perspiration: 10 to 20 minutes in the prone position in the dry sauna
  2. Produce steam: 20 to 40 minutes
  3. Whisk and beat body with birch leaves that have been soaked in water: this activates blood flow and capillaries. Start with the upper body ending with the extremities and soles of the feet
  4. Washing: wash with the birch whisk and the basin of soap and water, lather the body, and rinse with warm water
  5. Quick cool off: roll in snow, dip in a lake, or cold shower
  6. Dry by air or repeat heating and cooling process
  7. Rest covered, lying down for 10 minutes

Sauna Therapy is a fantastic natural method for skin detoxification. A 20 to 40 minute sauna three times each week will ensure your largest organ, the skin, is relieved of toxins. Skin brushing is also fantastic method of sloughing off dead skin and invigorating new cell generation. Briskly brush the dry skin prior to the sauna therapy.

Try to utilize all natural organic foods, household and beauty products in your daily regime to avoid unnecessary and harmful chemical absorption of toxins. Also, be reminded to consult your primary-care physician prior to embarking on any new health care program

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