Insurance Premiums Down 25%

Health Insurance is a topic that everyone is involved in. The government is proposing a “new and improved” system of “health care for everyone”. The problem is that most consumers want low premiums, low deductibles and low co-pays. The three together seem to be a thing of the past. Typically, in insurance renewals, premiums go up every year and quite substantially, along with higher deductibles and co-pays. These premium costs are determined, in part, by usage (or over-usage). So employers face a harsh reality; they either have to pay more of the premium, raise the deductible and co-pay’s, pass the increase onto their employees or eliminate health insurance altogether. For example, one company who has asked for our help with incorporating a wellness plan for their employees is looking at a 54% increase in their premium for 2012. This is outrageous, so needless to say, there needs to be another option. As an employer, what do you do?

The Riordan Clinic is the other option. We offer unique programs that can help keep the employee healthy and keep the rates down. How do we do it? By making sure that the employee understands their own individual health. We give them a path to follow to increase their personal health and that of their family. The Riordan Clinic employees have benefits that include services at the clinic. What has this accomplished for us? For the last several years, our premiums for the same policy have decreased. At a time when other companies’ insurance premiums have increased significantly, ours have decreased!

This year is no exception. While the average increase for others is about 8%, we received some amazing news from our carrier. Our representative has been with her company for over 20 years and has never been able to give such great news. Our premiums not only did not increase the average of 8%, but we will have a 25% decrease in our premium with the same coverage! This is huge! We were able to continue our company’s same contribution to the employee and lower the premium for the employee. Thus, they will see a significant increase in their paychecks, just because of the difference in premiums. We would like to offer your company help with your premium increases and the overall health of your employees. We have launched a corporate program that can look at your employees individually and help them on a path to better health. This can mean lower premiums, less absenteeism, more energetic employees, and more money to your bottom line and in the employee’s paycheck. Take a look at Dr. Hunninghake’s article, HealthMarkers, in this month’s Health Hunters Newsletter to read more about the Clinic’s approach to monitoring your health.

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