Press Release: "Check Your Health" Lab Testing Event

Check Your Health – A Special Laboratory Testing Event at the Riordan Clinic.

Wichita, KS USA Thursday, September 2, 2010

Nutrient deficiencies have been shown to suppress immune system function, which contributes to chronic disease. Mainstream medicine does not normally test for vitamin, mineral, and other nutrient deficiencies. Now is the time to gain the information needed to prevent illness – PREVENTION is key.

The Riordan Clinic at 3100 N Hillside in Wichita, KS is hosting a special laboratory testing event called Check Your Health during the week of September 20 – 25, 2010. Those interested can choose from 10 of the Clinic’s most popular test panels at a 45% savings for a limited period of time. These laboratory tests are performed on-site. A doctor’s referral is not needed; simply call the Clinic at (316) 682-3100 to schedule an appointment or visit the website here for more information.

These tests are an important tool to measure each individual’s biochemical status. The results identify key vitamin, mineral, and other nutrient deficiencies that can compromise a person’s well-being. The findings can be used to create a road map to better health by implementing lifestyle, food-choice, and supplement changes to address individual nutritional needs.

The Riordan Clinic is a progressive health facility based in Wichita, Kansas founded by Hugh D. Riordan, M.D. and Olive W. Garvey. For 35 years, the Riordan Clinic has integrated lifestyle and nutrition to help patients find the underlying causes of their illness. Since the inception in 1975, the mission has been clear and unwavering to “stimulate an epidemic of health.”

If you would like more information about this topic, please call Penny Lasater at (316) 682-3100 or email Penny at