Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Now is the time to implement the changes in your life that will lead to REAL HEALTH.

Losing weight can be overwhelming. For many people, a “calories in – calories out” method isn’t as simple as it seems. For others, having a medical provider to lead them through a lifestyle change will provide the support and education they need to make lasting change.

The Riordan Clinic provides several programs, and access to a plethora of resources, to help you finally make the shift from “wanting” to “doing”. Listed below you will see our three main programs. At the bottom of the page are links to lectures we’ve hosted that will provide you with more information when making your decision on which program is right for you.

The Riordan Clinic offers a holistic approach to weight loss by combining traditional strategies along with data collected through lab testing, lifestyle changes, straightforward answers on what to eat and why, regular check-ins, and access to experts in Naturopathic and Integrative medicine.

When you are ready to reshape your body and reach your weight loss goals, Riordan Clinic can help.

Lifestyle Rx Weight Loss Program

The Lifestyle Rx Weight Loss Program utilizes medical supervision and check-ins, lab testing, a prescription for safe and effective appetite suppression, as well as a holistic approach for an eating plan, supplements, and physical movement. This combination provides a more comprehensive lifestyle change and long-term solution for those wanting to make significant, but lasting, changes to their health and weight.


Lifestyle 180 Program

NEW! The Lifestyle 180 Program is for anyone wanting to truly learn more about using Food as Medicine and who has a desire to create sustainable life changes for long term health. For some, that may mean a complete “180” from where they are now. Others may find themselves here because they are tired of searching the internet to find conflicting advice and are looking for solid answers from the experts in Nutritional Medicine that the Riordan Clinic is known for. No matter where you are at on the journey, the Riordan Clinic can help you develop life-long habits to maintain a balanced lifestyle far beyond your initial health or weight loss goals.



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