Rebekah Rada, RN

Registered Nurse

To say Rebekah has an interest in the study of life and human physiology would be an understatement. Her inquisitive mind and compassionate heart fuels her drive to research solutions to many of the questions “Modern Medicine” has been unable to answer. Rebekah’s philosophy is to approach each patient as a whole person with sincere interest and gratitude for the stories and life lessons they share.

Her diverse experience across the healthcare spectrum has led to a balanced person-centered approach.  As an RN, her experience in Neurology, Nurse Navigation, hemodialysis, Behavioral Health, and as a Nurse Manager has given her unique insight on the importance of integrative healthcare.  Rebekah says she is “So happy to be part of the Riordan team, where the atmosphere is one of sincere cooperation and kindness, the medical practice utilizes the latest research to aid healing, and the care given truly centers around the patient.”

Rebekah is currently back in school and working toward earning an MSN as a Nurse Practitioner focusing on integrative modalities. In her free time, she likes to read books about physiology, psychology, natural health and healing as well as dabble in creative art projects. Spending time with her children, grandchild and husband is her favorite thing to do and if she can do that while outdoors, even better!