Monica Jimenez, RN, BSN, CFNC

Registered Nurse

Monica graduated from Johnson County Community College with an Associate Degree in Nursing in 2015 and completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing through KU in 2017. Monica has been working at Advent Health Shawnee Mission since May of 2014. Looking back, she is fascinated to see how much she has grown as a Nurse and person. Monica became interested in holistic medicine in her early 20s when she read a book about the pharmaceutical industry and its political influence. This book sparked her interest in alternative medicine. In addition to that, she began volunteering for the Church. With time, Monica became the Natural Family Planning Group Coordinator for the Hispanic community in the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas. In teaching women about their natural cycles, she discovered a deep connection between cycles and overall health, rooted in nutrition and lifestyle. That connection led her to get a certification as a Functional Nutrition Coach through the Functional Nutrition Alliance. The more Monica learned about functional medicine, the more fascinated she became with it. As a result, Monica enrolled in the Introductory Course for the Certification in Functional Medicine from the Institute of Functional Medicine. Soon afterward, she came across the Riordan Clinic as she was looking to align her beliefs in medicine and healing with the work she provides as a Nurse.

Monica believes one thing led her to another and is happy to align her passion with her working and volunteering opportunities. Monica will soon be getting married and hopes to be blessed with kids and is very excited to begin this new stage in her life!