Michelle Carpet, MBA

Director of Operations Overland Park

Michelle graduated from Missouri S&T with a degree in Metallurgical Engineering and from the University of Kansas with a Master in Business Administration. Michelle initially spent her career working for Exxon Mobile and Proctor & Gamble in various leadership roles in locations across the US and internationally before supporting a family-owned business specializing in warehousing and distribution located in Northern Kentucky. In 2014, Michelle returned to the Kansas City area where her own personal health challenges and work experience lead her to the Riordan Clinic. Michelle currently serves as the Director of Operations for the Overland Park Clinic where she is focused on the day to day operations as well as supporting the development of longer-term strategic planning for the Riordan Clinic.

Michelle and her family strongly believe in the Riordan approach and have personally benefited from its protocols and treatments. She considers the Riordan team to be an integral part of her family and is inspired by the connections she makes with patients on a daily basis. Her passion is to work with individuals and their support networks to offer hope, compassion, and viable options for holistic integrative health care.

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