Jocelyn Camack, CCMA

Medical Assistant & Phlebotomist

Jocelyn Camack is a Clinical Medical Assistant at the Overland Park location of the Riordan Clinic. Aside from being the in house phlebotomist, her favorite aspect of the job is getting to know each patient and hearing their story. Though she loves her current position, she aspires to do more for the people. Jocelyn is currently pursuing her dream of becoming a Naturopathic Doctor. Her love and dedication to alternative medicine has been with her since she was a child. From a young age, Jocelyn understood the importance of whole body wellness versus symptomatic relief. She hopes to specialize in integrative nutrition and botanical medicine, alongside becoming a certified acupuncturist and yoga teacher. Her time spent with her integrative oncology team in Overland Park has made her quite fond of our metabolic approach to cancer and chronic illnesses. She has been inspired to take an even deeper look at health and causative agents. In all of her future endeavors, she is ultimately driven to bring nutritional awareness to the public and help people to live and feel their absolute best.
When Jocelyn is not pursuing her passions in wellness, she enjoys cooking, all things arts and crafts, reading (usually a medical journal), yoga, and catering to her plants.