Jeff Evilsizor M.C., PA-C

Overland Park Campus

Jeff Evilsizor M.C., PA-C grew up in rural Michigan.  Along with his three brothers, he often found himself in lakes, streams, woods, and in the large family garden.  He now values food fresh from the earth, physical activity, sweat, and community.

Jeff attended Wheaton College outside of Chicago and completed a Bachelor of Science in Biology in 1985.  After graduation he focused his next years on service, concentrating on community health in international and underserved communities both in Honduras and the inner city of Phoenix.  Social and environmental contributors to wellness and disease became apparent during this time.

Interest in mental health and the greater financial responsibilities associated with marriage led him to complete a Masters in Counseling from the University of Phoenix in 1995.  He was able to work with families of youth involved in the juvenile court system. He became convinced that wellness improves as mental, emotional, and relational issues are appropriately addressed.

At age 36, with a young family of three daughters, he had the opportunity to again further his education and pursue a lifelong interest in understanding the human body.  In 2000, he graduated from Midwestern University with a Bachelor of Science in Physician Assistant Studies.  His subsequent experiences as a physician assistant in various settings (including family practice, pediatrics, emergency medicine, and addiction medicine) further confirmed to him that wellness is multifactorial and multi-dimensional.

More recently, Jeff began to explore integrative approaches.  This came after observing conventional medical practices that failed to provide significant benefit to patients with chronic conditions.  He moved to Kansas City in 2013 and was able to learn and practice integrative medicine under Dr. Jeanne Drisko at KU Integrative Medicine.   He joined Riordan Clinic in 2016 to continue to apply the nutritional, functional, and integrative approaches to supporting health.

He is grateful for his wife, Tracy, and proud of the life trajectory of his 3 daughters.  When not at the clinic, he will most likely be outside focused on increasing edible production on his hobby farm, hiking, or connecting with family and friends.