Maria-Rosa Crespo, ND

During her years of medical service Dr Maria-Rosa Crespo has been committed to Nutriology, which means to discover a healthy and whole nutrition for human beings and the relation to chemical, biological and metabolic processes to achieve a state of exceptional and balanced health. For this reason she is a Professor of Nutriology (theory and practice) in her home country Ecuador. Her specialties include: Nutriology, Bioresonance, Electrodermology, Neural Therapy, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Massage therapy, Reflexology and Lymphatic drainage. She has researched in Andean foods, Nutrition for super children and Redox nutrition. Dr. Crespo has published the book Wholesome Vegan Cooking, which has been successful for the daily nutrition of patients, and now is in the 4th edition in Spanish. She also has published articles in magazines of natural nutrition, being the most important magazine Therapeia Natura, with 50 articles. She has lectured in several countries. Dr. Crespo has the honor of Medical Dame from the Sovereign Medical Order of the Knights Hospitaller and after completing all courses of Natural Medicine, received the investiture of Missionary Healer.


Book:         Wholesome Vegan Cooking, 4 editions

Articles:    Therapeia Natura Magazine (50 articles)

Research:  Andean Nutrition (Food from de Andes Highlands), Nutrition for super kids, Redox Nutrition