Optimal Kids Scholarship

Our Real Health Discovery approach investigates the root causes for children who are suffering from health concerns, behavior, learning, anxiety and depression issues. Optimal Kids is designed for parents and loved ones who want to avoid medication while still improving the child’s day to day life.

Children and parents will meet with a Riordan Clinic provider for five sessions over a three month period. A detail history will be taken, nutrient lab evaluation done, diet and lifestyle issues will be addressed and attendance at our popular Food as Medicine course is included.

Program Cost

The cost of the Optimal Kids Program is $1680 and includes all five appointments and listed lab evaluation. To see a full list of the program, including lab tests, please click HERE.

Tests included are collected via urine. Individualized recommendations depend upon these results. *Additional lab testing might be warranted, depending on the clinical discretion of your child’s provider. Supplements may be prescribed as needed. These are both additional costs beyond the program price.

Optimal Kids Scholarships

Needs-based scholarships are available to families upon application and acceptance.  If you would like to fill out an application for a possible scholarship for the Optimal Kids Program, please submit the form below or print out the application and submit via mail. Our staff will review all applications on a weekly basis and will contact you for further information or with the decision that has been made. If your child is accepted into this donor-funded scholarship plan, an out-of-pocket fee will still apply.

Fill out the application below or click here to download a printable copy

Contact Us

If you are interested in the Optimal Kids Program and wish to set up your child’s first appointment, or have any questions, please call 316.531.6242.


Optimal Kids Scholarship Application

Optimal Kids Scholarships are provided by private donors .  These scholarships will pay a significant portion of the costs of the program and are intended for families who could not otherwise afford the full cost of the Optimal Kids Program.

*Additional testing as well as supplements could be recommended, but will be discussed at your child’s appointment before proceeding.