Why Choose the Riordan Clinic Nutrient Store?

Not all supplements are created equal. So how do you know which ones to trust?

The Riordan Clinic Nutrient Store has provided high-quality products for our patients and customers for more than three decades. Started as a way for patients to easily access the nutrients that were being prescribed at their appointments, it has grown to a global reach.

Here are a few things that set the Riordan Clinic Nutrient Store apart:

  • All products are chosen specifically by the Riordan Clinic team of doctors and providers. Every single one of them.
  • Our most trusted products have been given the Riordan Clinic name. Currently, we offer 28 products in our line with more coming soon.
  • Each of our nutrients is chosen by our expert medical staff based on quality, purity, consistency and effective dosing.
  • Purchasing your products directly from the doctors who have recommended them ensures that you are getting the correct dosage, ingredients, and brand.
  • The Nutrient Store provides access to over 300 pharmaceutical grade products from more than 50 manufacturers.
  • All products have been independently tested by third-party laboratories to assure that what is listed in the ingredients is exactly what is in the end product.
  • The ingredients, including dosages, are at a therapeutic strength. This is important! Following the dosage instructions that your provider sets in place starts with making sure the strength of the product you are purchasing is adequate.
  • Dedicated staff members are available to answer questions in person, via phone call, or through email. If there’s a question they can’t answer, they have manufacturer relationships and the Riordan Clinic medical team to consult with to find the information that they need.
  • Three locations in Kansas – Wichita, Hays, and Overland Park – mean expanded access to our local communities.
  • The vast majority of products we carry are available for sale online through our secure website: store.riordanclinic.org.
  • The relationships we have with our vendors go far beyond purchase orders and transactions. We have dedicated representatives to call with questions, share concerns with, and work together to make sure our customers receive the very best supplements available.
  • Decades of educational materials are available on our website in the form of Health Hunters news, articles, journal articles, research studies, and YouTube videos of past lectures and classes. If you want to know more about the ingredients in a product – we’ve got you covered.
  • Our on-site Bio-Center Laboratory provides easy access to nutrient testing. This information helps the doctors make final decisions on supplement recommendations as well as diet and lifestyle changes. Our lab is open to the public and does not require a doctor’s order. Call 16-684-7784 for questions regarding Nutrient Testing.