Doctor Shadow Experience

Now scheduling for Spring 2019!

Study Riordan’s approach to caring for patients globally.

Receive one on one training with our nurses in our Riordan Clinic therapy area.

Observe mixing and administration of IVs as well as speak with several clinic departments regarding our more than four decades of excellent care and expertise.

Gain access to our top of the line nutrient store stocked with handpicked supplements by our own Riordan Clinic providers

With impressive credentials and decades of experience, our doctors provide the very best in care and expertise. Each of our nutrients is chosen by our expert team based on quality, purity, consistency and effective dosing. The goal of the Riordan Nutrient Store is to provide the best selection of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and supplements to aid in your path to Real Health.

Learn what our CLIA certified laboratory has to offer you and your patients

The on-site Riordan Clinical Laboratory has dedicated itself to providing accurate clinical analysis focusing on nutritional levels. Our specialties include testing for pyrroles, histamine, cytotoxic food sensitivities, parasitology, analysis of red blood cell fatty acids
and minerals, along with many vitamins. We provide doctors with relevant biochemical impairment information to increase diagnostic accuracy.

Sit in on doctors’ visits with co-learners to learn our root-cause approach

Since 1975, Riordan Clinic has served its patients as unique co-learners who are striving to create real and lasting health in their lives by identifying and correcting hidden root causes that would otherwise perpetuate their illnesses.

To schedule your shadow experience contact:

Jason Hattrup, Doctor Shadow Experience Coordinator
316-927-4765 |

Doctor Shadowing for Winter 2018 is full. Now scheduling for Spring 2019! Pricing and dates will be announced soon.


“I would highly recommend this shadowing experience for anyone who is interested in IV infusions and whole health!  I felt that I made a right decision to come thereand learned from each one of you.

I have never seen such a pleasant and co-operative friendly staff who did not hesitate to share a wealth of information and materials with me. I really felt connected.

I truly enjoyed shadowing your team, the knowledge that they shared will guide me further in the care of my patients. Exposed for the first time to Reiki, which was relaxing!  Learnt quite a bit on IVC first and I feel good after surviving IVC infusion and please let Dr. Hunninghake know it was worth going through the whole experience! My special thanks to him!

I enjoyed every moment while I was there, starting from rejuvenating teas, the amazing architecture of the buildings, natural sunlight and peaceful surroundings to exploring the supplement store and marketing.

No wonder your patients feel better from just being there!

I am looking forward to collaborating with Riordan clinic in near future and considering using your labs and other resources as I prepare my clinic for IV infusions in coming months if all goes well. “

Shantha Iyer MD
Paras Integrated Health
Center for Healing Medicine and Healthy Living, Algeria


“Thank you for everything/hospitality. I learned a lot and all the staff is genuine, informative and very professional. It was great meeting Dr. Ron and I hope we can work together on projects.”

Dr. Oscar N. Lightner M.D., Loredo Texas